3 beauty regimes to try if you’re experiencing facial hair from PCOS

2 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

I remember being about fifteen and realising I had an entire moustache and incredibly furry face. When it comes to body hair, you are free to do whatever you please and for me and many others this was getting rid of the hair immediately! PCOS is linked to an increase in androgens which can result in ‘male pattern’ hair growth. This hair growth is typically thick, grows really fast and occurs on the chin, cheeks and upper lip. The main thing to remember when doing any form of hair removal is that the hair will come back, especially if it is hormonally linked. Once you have accepted your hairy fate, this will make your approach to hair removal and skincare a lot easier to manage. At IALH we always like to keep you covered, with that being said we have created three aesthetician approved beauty regimes for you to follow if you have PCOS.

The shaver

Most people who begin to remove facial hair are introduced to shaving, as the most adorable away to stay hair free or as the precursor to laser hair removal. Shaving can be tricky, but if you follow the steps below you will have no trouble on your shaving journey.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your face thoroughly, with a product that contains salicylic acid. This will help to reduce the chance of getting ingrown hairs.
  • Using a good shaving lubricant such as a hydrating gel provides the slip that is needed in order to not snag your skin.
  • We recommend using a disposable razor that is suitable for sensitive skin. Most people will tell you to shave downwards, but we suggest doing whatever you have to do to get the closest shave.
  • Follow-up your routine with a soothing exfoliant, like the Topicals high roller!

The laser babe

Laser hair removal is one of my favourite forms of hair removal, but it should be noted it is a form of permanent hair reduction and the hair may grow back (especially if you experience hormonal fluctuations). For laser hair removal your preparation will make or break your results.

  • Your skincare routines should be targeted towards hydrating your skin and removing skin texture.
  • On the day of your laser hair removal appointment, make sure you shave your skin as closely and knick free as possible, to ensure a less painful laser experience.
  • Post laser hair removal make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly using a product that has calming ingredients such as the Erborian Centella Cleansing Gel.
  • Follow-up your laser hair removal session with a red-light LED treatment

The waxer

Waxing is my least favourite form of laser hair removal, as it is the most painful and actually requires you to grow out your hair. Waxing is a great option to do at home, in our experience hard wax tends to work better on the face than soft wax. Once you get your wax temperature right and you leave at least ¼ of an inch of hair, your risk of snapping hairs or getting ingrown hairs drastically reduces.

  • At least two weeks prior to your wax, make sure you have been consistently exfoliating your skin to avoid any debris in your pores.
  • Whilst you are waxing, it is recommended to use whatever pre-wax solution that comes with your waxing kit.
  • You should create a waxing schedule to track your hair growth
  • If you are waxing your face often, it may not be appropriate to use a retinal as this may make your skin more sensitive.

Alicia Lartey


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