3 stretches to try as soon as you get out of bed

9 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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If you’re finding yourself dragging yourself out of bed or feeling really stiff after you do, you might want to incorporate a few stretches before your start your day. Stretching can set you up right and release that all-important serotonin that releases all the good vibes!

1) Cat cow pose

This one is straight out of the yoga playbook, but it’s great to do on its own too. Start on all fours with your spine straight and wrists and palms relaxed towards the floor. As you inhale in, drop your belly and arch your back, look slightly upwards (this is the cow pose). As you breathe out press your hands firmly into the ground and round your back towards the sky (this is the cat pose). Continue this for 5 – 10 breaths.

2) Seated forward fold

Sit on the floor with both legs stretched out in front of you and feet flexed upwards. Keep your back flat and legs straight as you lean forward to reach for your toes. Try bending from the hips to make this more comfortable. Keep reaching until you feel pulling in your hamstrings – if at first you can’t reach your toes, don’t worry! Hold onto your ankles (or whatever you can reach) for 15 seconds. Do this everyday to improve flexibility and agility, it helps with core strength too so long as you keep your back as straight as possible.

3) Side stretch

Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your core engaged take your right hand and reach it over your head as you bend / lean to your left. Let your left hand slide down your left leg until your feel a deep stretch in your torso.

Stay in this position (don’t forget to breathe!) for 15 – 30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

If you do these for as little as 10 minutes everyday, you’re going to feel the benefits! Getting out of bed won’t feel as bad and you’ll have less stiffness when you do. So what’s stopping you? Start tomorrow with a stretch huns.


IALH Editorial Team


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