3 Workouts to try for toned thighs

12 September, 2023 / words by Imane Dodo

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Ladies, if you’re tired of your jeans feeling like they’re in a constant battle with your thighs, it’s time to show those pants who’s boss. Here are three favorite workouts that will get your thigh in tip top shape and change your thighs’ destiny forever!

Lower body exercises

Basic exercises, including squats, less press, lunges and deadlifts, that target big muscles are golden when working towards toned thighs. Experiment with these exercises at the gym by either increasing the weight, increasing the repetitions or find a fun twist or variation to the movements. The most important is to keep your muscles challenged and continue working through that burn when it comes. Lunges are the perfect exercise to target those pesky thigh areas that often refuse to cooperate. Here’s a secret – lunges can be disguised as everyday activities! Instead of walking from your living room to the kitchen, do lunges! Need to grab something from the bottom shelf at the store? Lunge your way there! You’ll not only have toned thighs, but you’ll also save time by multitasking your way through life.


Here is the thing, we love to hate running but it really is, and will always be that girl as it comes to toned thighs. Running will get those thighs lean and toned, so double benefits. You do not have to be a marathon runner to reap the benefits that running provides, be it physical and mental. If you are just beginning, start slow and build up. For example, you could start by running 1km and fast walk 1km twice a week on week 1, and add another km each week. You can alternate between runs where you run and walk, or slower runs with no walks. This gradual approach will help you build running stamina in no time. You may experience itching if you have not ran in a while.


There is a reason why all professional ballet girlies (shout out to GOAT Misty Copeland) tend to have thunder (literally) legs. Ballet movements tend to slow, high reputations and body weight based. Now, you do not have to be a professional ballet dancer to benefit from it. There are many workout studios like Barre in London that offer ballet inspired classes. I promise you, those ballet classes will humble you and make you feel muscles that you did not know you had. And who knows, you may discover a new passion in the process and meet cool people.

But let’s address the elephant in the room – sore thighs. Sore thighs will have you walking like a duck on those streets but they are a sign that you’re on the right track! Any change in routine requires an adaptation period. Give yourself grace but continue working through that soreness until it stoops. Embrace the soreness, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were those toned thighs! Now, go forth, my fierce ladies, and conquer the world – one squat, lunge, leg press, 1km and ballet class at a time! You’ve got this!



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