4 tips so you’re never afraid of the gym machines again

3 August, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Imane Dodo

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The gym can generally be very intimidating, talk less of the machines and the weight section. Fear of gym is real, very common regardless of your level and never really goes away. Gym machines are great a way to take your routine to a new level. Overcoming this fear can help you enjoy your workouts and make progress towards your fitness goals. Here are four tips to become unstoppable by getting comfortable with new machines…

1) Educate yourself

Fear often arises from the unknown. Take some time to understand your goals and the gym machines that can help you achieve them. Understanding what part of the body the machines target, how they work, their benefits, and how they fit into your workout routine can boost your confidence. Most gym machines have a little diagram illustrating the areas targeted and some direction on how to use. Leverage that information because it is there for a reason. You should also get comfortable to ask the gym staff for a demonstration or find online tutorials to help you get familiar with the equipment (honestly Google is your best friend).

2) Start slow and light

Begin with machines that feel less intimidating and allow you to use lighter weights or resistance. Starting with manageable loads will help you get accustomed to how the machine should feel, ease your fear but most importantly reduce the risk of injury. You can gradually increase the intensity and weights as you become more comfortable and confident. Movements on some gym machines will tend to feel easier even with very high load; do not make that mistake of injuring yourself (we know you are a superwoman, no need to prove that at the gym) by starting with a higher weight that will put too much strain on your body, who has not had time to get used to the load and movement.

3) Seek professional guidance

A personal trainer can show you proper techniques, adjust the machines to fit your needs, and provide encouragement and support. Having someone knowledgeable by your side can alleviate anxiety and make your gym experience more enjoyable.

4) Focus on proper form

One of the primary concerns with gym machines is the fear of using them incorrectly. Poor form can lead to injuries and reinforce your fear. Concentrate on maintaining proper form during each exercise. This may involve keeping your back straight, engaging your core, and using a controlled range of motion. Use the instruction on the machine to guide you in using them correctly.

Remember that everyone starts as a beginner, and most gym-goers have experienced similar fears at some point. Don’t be too hard on yourself and be patient with the learning process. Over time, as you become more comfortable with gym machines, your fear will likely diminish, and you’ll be able to enjoy your workouts more and add fun spins to them.


IALH Editorial Team


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