6 of the best fitness accessories under £100

30 June, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Imane Dodo

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The best fitness accessories can make your fitness journey easier to navigate, more fun, stylish, all without breaking the bank. No matter where you are in your journey, a few elevated gadgets can help you move to the next level. Most fitness accessories have nothing groundbreaking. A jump rope or dumbbell design will never fundamentally change but technology adds a little je ne sais quoi to those accessories that make them so much better.

1) Whoop (wearable tracker)


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Whoop is often described as the most advanced life tracker in the market. It is an analytics gadget (bracelet or body wear option) that provides detailed and advanced insights about your health holistically (e.g. sleep quality, blood oxygen levels, workout quality, recovery, etc.). It helps you approach your exercise in the most optimal manner daily. There is a reason why world class athletes including Lebron James and Michael Phelps swear by it. That being said, it requires a monthly membership and longer term commitment. If you are looking for a simple calorie and steps tracker, a Fitbit or Apple Watch will do. Whoop is a solid option for those that want to understand and improve their life with in-depth data driven insights.

2) Gliding discs

Physical Company

Gliding discs

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Ok we talked about technology adding a little something to these accessories. For this one, I will stick to the good old gliding discs because technology has not yet cracked a better code in terms of durability and convenience. Gliding discs are super affordable, light weight and will elevate any workouts. They are versatile and will take any workout to new levels. They come as carpeted or hardwood floor options.

3) Power Ring


Power Ring

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The Bala ring is a stylish twist to your regular dumbbell or kettlebell. It is designed to be a lot less bulky than the typical weights while delivering on the same versatility and results. Stay assured that this ring will elevate any exercise at home, from squats to russian twists or upper body exercises. It is available in 5, 8, 10 and 15 pounds.

4) Therabody Wave Solo

Therabody is the OG in the field of muscle recovery and their newest devise takes that to another level. The wave solo is a portable vibration therapy device (think mini foam roller that vibrates and you can take anywhere) that delivers targeted pressure to any area to relieve soreness and muscle tension. It is also very quiet to use due to its advanced sound technology that mutes sounds and vibrations. It is super portable, versatile and can be used anywhere at any time. We approve!

5) LARQ Water Bottle


Bottle PureVis

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This workout bottle will add value to your everyday lifestyle, beyond the gym, which makes it a great investment. We all know how annoying and inconvenient it is to wash water bottles. With its integrated UV-C LED light technology, this water bottle constantly self cleans, eliminating bacteria, viruses and contaminants from your water. Its lightweight stainless steel material makes it a very convenient option for everyday usage.

6) Tangram Skipping Rope


Smart Rope

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Tired of repetitive and boring workouts? Us too. It is time to step up your skipping rope game with this tangram rope. Skipping is fun and can torch an enormous amount of calories, making it a top workout option. This Tangram skipping rope is designed to track and log your data in real time with its featured 23 LEDs and magnetic sensors. Its sleek design makes it a clear candidate for a spot in your gym bag.


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