Can collagen really make you look younger?

8 February, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Cloé Vaz-Wiggins

Image by Omayma Skin

The answer is yes, more accurately, it keeps you, with emphasis on your cells -younger. Let’s get into it.

Cells are the foundation, the maker of all living things, including us. The human body is composed of trillions of cells and every one of those cells contains protein. So, when you hear that proteins are the building blocks of life, this is what is meant. Having this information is also a great way to frame and understand the importance of collagen in our bodies. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body.

The exact number varies from study to study, but what’s certain is that at some point, before our thirties – some doctors say even younger – twenties! – our body stops producing collagen. And given that collagen is vital to our skin, bones and connective tissues among so many others, it’s kind of a no brainer to consider giving it to your body when it stops producing it. 

Out of the many reasons as to why we need protein in our bodies, the one that stood out to me the most, was learning that we need protein to repair and produce new cells. I mean, we are made up of cells, so yeah, when I say stood out, I mean, STOOD OUT. But also, because I work out and intend to keep moving my body more and more, learning that it’s a major component of bone, muscles, tendons and cartilage was huge for me when considering how serious I was about including it in my lifestyle. As we get older, being aware of what happens to certain parts of our body and how we can support it, is personally something high on my priority list, I hope yours too.

I’m not sure why collagen is not more ‘known‘. Not only its presence and function in our body, but also the effects of supplementing with it once our bodies stop producing it. But what I do know, is that I’ve been taking it every day – and it has to be every day – for over a year now and quite frankly it’s the only supplement I’ve noticed immediate and tangible results after only one month of use. I did a lot of research to be mindful and intentional with my supplementation and I really think that’s the route.

Maybe for you what will stand out will be different than for me, but knowing that you’re actively catering to a specific need of your body can change the way in which you create the routine that you’ll grow to look forward to. For me it was my skin, muscles, joints and bones, for you it might be hair and nails, or tendons and cartilage, or skin elasticity, the list goes on. But because you have to take it every day to see results it’s important, you’re clear on your ‘why’, so even when willpower fails you, or life does its thing, you stay the course.

Also, it’s important to note that, this is not a woman thing, is a human body thing, so everyone should consider the research and being open to giving your body some building blocks of life – collagen.

As with all supplements and after doing your personal research, don’t forget to discuss it with your doctor, nutritionist or Ayurvedic practitioner if you feel like you need more information or support.


IALH Editorial Team


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