How to prepare for your period if you suffer from intense pain

6 July, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Most of the huns have probably been there, Lady Flo is due to make an appearance and you’re struck down with serious pain that might even stop you going about your day to day. It’s tough and so often our busy lives, careers and relationships don’t allow for us to just take some time out and rest or do things that will alleviate the pain. While much more needs to be done to raise awareness around period pain and the causes, symptoms and effects, there are some quick ways to help you prepare if you suffer every month.

1) Take a warm bath just before to relax your muscles

Taking a warm bath just before your period begins can help to reduce tension in your body and relax your mind and muscles. Try some muscle easing bath salts or restoring magnesium flakes in the water.

2) Massages

Massaging your lower abdomen if you feel up to it can help relieve tension. Use an essential oil like sage, lavender and rose geranium can really help and they smell great too. Massage therapy is thought to be particularly effective for women who suffer with endometriosis as it can reduce the spasms you feel by relaxing the uterus.

3) Try herbal teas instead of caffeine

Some herbal teas have anti-inflammatory properties and can also reduce uterine spasms that cause cramping. Chamomile, ginger and fennel tea are an easy and natural way to relieve cramps. Teas also help with destressing, so if you’re feeling anxious about the upcoming pain, this ones for you.

4) Avoid certain foods up to a week before

If you’re able to plan this far ahead then avoiding certain foods in the run up to the week you get your period can help. Particularly fatty foods, caffeine, alcohol and foods high in salt. Replace with herbs in your diet like like chamomile, ginger and cinnamon. Also anti-inflammatory foods like berries, pineapples, leafy greens, almonds and salmon can help too.

5) Tumeric

Tumeric is THAT girl when it comes to fighting period pain. The bioactive compound curcumin found in tumeric is effective in relieving cramping. You can add it to your food or to a herbal tea like ginger.

6) Try to exercise

Now exercising might sound like the worst thing in the world when your body’s getting ready for the menstrual phase, but if you feel up to it gentle exercise can reduce pain and relax your muscles. As little at 15 minutes of yoga, stretching or even a walk can help you feel the benefits.

If you’ve tried lots of different combinations of natural remedies or tips and are still having extremely painful periods, talk to your doctor about further options that could work for you.


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