Is it possible to get rid of hip dips?

12 October, 2023 / words by Imane Dodo

Hip dips are the latest enemy that the girls are fighting to get rid of in the body conscious movement, after thigh gaps and smaller waist (though these are still a thing). As a refresher, hip dips are inward curves around your hip area, and I am going to give you all the tea on what you can do about them if you really want to but you really do not have to because you are absolutely and already fabulous as you are.

So is it possible to get rid of hip dips? The short answer is no, the long answer is that there are two parts of the story. Hip dips are a core part of your skeleton structure where the hip bone meets the structure of the thigh. Every human being has hip dips, though some people are more pronounced than others due to peculiarities in the structure of each skeleton. Hip dips are completely normal and are in no way a sign of how healthy or unhealthy you are.

While you can change your body shape with exercise and diet, you cannot alter your bone structure. Reducing body fat and building muscle mass can reduce the appearance of hip dips (if you indeed do have a significant amount of fat in that area) but it will not make your hip dips completely go away.

While performing targeted exercises to change the appearance of parts of your body that are defined by bone structure (thigh gap, hip dips) is frankly counterproductive, strengthening your legs and glutes can help sculpt your bump, legs and hips, thereby increasing the size of your lower body, and slightly reduce your hip dips. Squats, deadlifts, fire hydrants, side lunges, glute bridges and lunges are all great exercises to target those muscles.

Ladies, it is more detrimental to your health than anything to be losing sleep over parts of the body that you frankly cannot change. In queen Bey’s words, your body is unique and “you are one of one, you are number one and you are the only one”. Embrace that uniqueness, and focus on being healthy and happy instead.


Imane Dodo


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