Period pants that actually work

24 November, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

Image via: @theunderdays

Women have been experiencing periods since humans have been a thing and have navigated the monthly challenge of menstruation using traditional methods such as pads and tampons (and recently menstrual cups) to manage the flow of things. However, in recent years, a mind-blowing alternative has popped up – period pants. These innovative undergarments are designed to offer comfort, convenience, and sustainability, making them a great choice for women seeking a modern and easy solution to managing that time of the month.

Unlike traditional sanitary products that can be bulky and uncomfortable, period pants are discreet and feel just like regular underwear. They’re made to be extremely breathable, crested from moisture-wicking fabrics ensuring a dry and comfortable experience throughout the day – you wont have to worry about leaking or staining your clothes as many period pants can absorb as much liquid as 4 tampons would!

They somewhat simplify the TOTM experience, allowing women to focus on their daily activities without interruption. You can sanitise them and throw them in the wash after use which is quite cost efficient considering that sanitary items have probably taken up a large chunk of your cash over the years! Whether you experience a heavy flow or your TOTM is quite light yet continuous, our list of period pants will definitely have something in there that’ll cater to all your needs.


IALH Editor


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