Suffering from BV? Here are 3 tips to try to manage it

31 October, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a common and sometimes uncomfortable condition, but you’re not alone in this journey. While BV can be persistent and somewhat frustrating, there are anfew steps you can take to manage and reduce its symptoms. So, if you’re dealing with BV or have maybe experienced it in the past, here are three practical and efficient tips that will help you regain control of your vaginal health.

  1. Seek Medical Advice: Don’t Hesitate to Consult a Healthcare Provider

If you suspect you have bacterial vaginosis or have recurrent symptoms, the first and most important step is to seek professional medical advice. Your healthcare provider can confirm the diagnosis and even provide necessary treatment. Remember, BV can sometimes be confused with other conditions, such as a yeast infections or even sexually transmitted infections, so getting an accurate diagnosis is really important here.

  1. Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene: Handle With Care

Maintaining proper vaginal hygiene is essential for reducing the risk of BV and preventing its recurrence. Here are some easy tips to try:

  • Gentle Cleansing – When cleaning the genital area, use a mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water. Avoid douching, as it can disrupt the natural balance of the vaginal flora.
  • Cotton Underwear: Choose breathable, cotton underwear to help keep the area dry and prevent further irritation.
  • Wipe Front to Back: Always wipe from front to back after using the toilet to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Limit Irritants: Avoid the use of scented hygiene products, such as soaps, bubble baths, and tampons, these alone can disrupt the vaginal ecosystem.
  1. Probiotics and Dietary Choices: Support Your Vaginal Health

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can help maintain the natural balance of your vaginal flora. Consider incorporating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods into your diet. Some people also find relief from BV by taking probiotic supplements. 

Remember: Every Body is Different

It’s important to understand that every person’s body is unique, and what works for one individual may not work for another. BV can be recurrent in some cases, and if you find that that’s the case with you you, it’s crucial to stay in touch with your healthcare provider to create a plan. They can help you find the best treatment plan for your specific situation.

Bacterial vaginosis can be challenging, but with the right guidance and care, you can manage its symptoms and reduce its recurrence. The key is to be proactive about your vaginal health, consult a healthcare provider, follow these tips to get back on track to feeling your best. You’ve got this, Hun!


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