5 tips to ease period pain

16 November, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Cloé Vaz-Wiggins

Image by @BreeRunway

I’m not sure, but I suspect my husband has added my cycle dates to his calendar and quite frankly, I think that’s important.

The week before my period is about to hit town he just knows what’s happening. He knows I’m more impatient, definitely more emotional and just going through the motions.

In the beginning my ego would step right up every time he’d note, in response to something I said, ‘I know that time it is, it’s the week before’ but the truth is, it’s exactly what time it is!

Women are honestly incredible, like we are absolutely magnificent in every way and the fact that we can go through the rollercoaster that is PMS and that period week is just one example of how strong, resilient and awesome we are.

Did you know that doctors list around 100 different premenstrual syndrome symptoms? Like what, one hundred, everything from bloating to headaches, mood swings to breast swelling, increased appetite and all of the other 95 or so that I won’t list down.

And yes, you guessed it, our hormones are responsible for all of it. After ovulation our estrogen levels drop and our progesterone levels go up which is amazing if you’re trying to conceive a baby as our body needs it, but it’s also responsible for the many symptoms we feel during this time.

So, how can we make it more bearable, I mean, I dare say, how can we romanticize and actually enjoy what is quite frankly one of the most powerful processes.  Our menstrual cycles help our bodies to prepare for pregnancy every month. They are also a way for our bodies to release tissues it no longer needs and it is essential for our wellbeing.

Let’s start with this:

Break the taboo

Don’t be embarrassed, ashamed or oblivious to what’s happening to your body. Learn about your cycle, connect with yourself, get interested about what and how you could be nurturing yourself throughout the whole cycle but especially during this week as you will need it more. It’s fascinating to see what resonates best according to what phase of our cycle we’re in, I started being super intentional about this in regards to what foods I eat, what workouts I choose and honestly, it’s pretty magical. Ahh, and don’t forget, speak about it, of course with whoever you’re comfortable doing so, but don’t hide it, don’t feel bad to share and discuss it.

Warm vibes only

If you don’t have a hot water patch, bag or bottle, you should consider it. It helps so much with cramps and honestly feels super wholesome and nourishing. There are so many options available nowadays that you can truly find one that works for you and your lifestyle.

Raspberry leaf tea

This beauty contains tannins and fragarine which helps with PMS symptoms, it also acts as a muscle relaxer (chamomile is another good one) which can reduce uterine contractions or cramps. But mostly it helps to balance out your hormones which is the key that makes all of the relief possible.

No caffeine

I sense the controversy, but honestly this can make a huge difference before and during your period. It spikes your cortisol and can worsen your PMS symptoms swap for ginger tea for a little boost which also can reduce inflammation.

Dark chocolate

Did we know that it contains high levels of magnesium which will help with inflammation and may reduce cramping, and oh, drumroll, it packed with iron, copper and zinc also. So yeah, indulge and nurture, indulge and nurture.

And last but not least, be kind to yourself! This is a more sensitive time and rightfully so, so be patient and kind to yourself, allow it.

You’re not definitely not alone on this one.


IALH Editorial Team


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