Why you need to try hot yoga at least once in your life

14 September, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Hot yoga is that babe! It helps if you’ve been to regular yoga before but it’s not essential! If you’ve never been to a class you should definitely try it. It’s basically yoga practices but in warm and humid conditions that make you sweat it ALL out.

Hot yoga aims to provide a mindful experience as well as a physical one. Concentrating on your breathing is important in the heat and the further into the session you get, the more your muscles warm up and relax. The heat can make some of the positions more challenging but the benefits are so worth it.

Benefits of hot yoga

Better flexibility

Practicing the yoga poses while your body is hot is actually safer and more beneficial than when you’re cold. You’ll probably find you can get in and out of the poses easier too. With a greater range of motion than a normal class.

Burn more calories

Cranking up the heat will burn more calories in your workout – so if you’re looking to increase the intensity a bit from a traditional yoga workout, this is for you.

Good for your skin

This is an added benefit, but all that sweating is bringing the blood to the surface of your skin and helping you to sweat out all the impurities. Just remember to cleanse and moisturise after when you jump in the shower!

Great mood booster

It can be a world away from your everyday routine and life, and is ideal when you just need an hour out of the hustle and pace of everyday life.

Don’t forget, this is a pretty intense way to workout, so stay hydrated with a big bottle of water by your side and if you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded at any point just stop.

Some pre-existing conditions and pregnancy may mean hot yoga isn’t suitable so always check with your doctor first if you’re unsure!


IALH Editorial Team


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