3 household gadgets to help maintain your home’s aesthetic

8 June, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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There’s nothing better than a fresh home, but keeping it that way when you’re a busy hun can be tough. And no judgement here – we get it! Juggling life and everything that comes with it means little time left for cleaning and tidying. As always we’ve got the answer (it’s why you keep coming back right!)…

1) A robot vacuum

Oh never underestimate the helpfulness of a robot vacuum. It’s a true investment that you’ll thank us for. Cut 30 mins out of your cleaning routine straight away with one of these. You can set them on timers so it’ll go collect the mess even while you’re out and about.


Robovac 15C Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Wifi Connected Roomba® s9+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

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2) Humidifier

That fresh feeling when you walk into your house is SO nice. But it doesn’t come easy, especially if you live in a high pollution area. Let the humidifier do the hard work and keep the air in your home feeling light.


Humidify+Cool PH04 Air Purifier

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Stadler Form

Eva Room Humidifier

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3) Electric scrubber

Literally the best buy, it cleans a million times quicker than we ever could with our hands. It’s so versatile with different attachments for different surfaces.


Electric Spin Scrubber

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 Cleaning Tool with 4 brushes

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