3 simple ways to keep your kitchen counter clutter free

2 March, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Holly Townsend (Editor)

Image by @kimberleyharrisoninteriors

Clearing, decluttering, organising can all be hugely rewarding and therapeutic, there’s nothing quite like spending a couple of hours getting your house (& life) in order. The kitchen sometimes feels likes the biggest, most overwhelming room when it comes to reorganising or clearing out stuff you don’t need, but it doesn’t have to be! Whether you want to blitz it in a day or take it task by task over a couple of weeks we’ve got the easiest ways to declutter and refresh your kitchen.

Optimise your cupboard space

Eden & Willow

Square Glass Jar With Bamboo Lid

Use square jars instead of round ones to not waste an inch of your cupboard space!

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Joseph Joseph

DrawerStore Pots and Pans Organiser

These are great for storing the maximum amount of cokware efficiently and saves you scratching your pots and cupboards!

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Joseph Joseph

CupboardStore Film, Foil and Bag Organiser

Avoids rolls of foil and cling film stuffed into drawers causing mess!

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Grab some trays and baskets

A Place for Everything

Stackable Pantry Basket with Label Holder

Giving your fruit & veg a home keeps it all in one place and easy to find when you need it!

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Perfect if you do need to keep things on the counter, but want it to look neat!

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Compact Storage Box

These are so versatile, come in different sizes, useable in the fridge & stackable!

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Only leave out what you love


Clear Glass Soap Dispenser

Who said soap couldn’t be chic!

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Mango Wood Storage Tower

Keeping things out is allowed, so long as they’re tidy!

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Le Creuset

Salt & Pepper Mill

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