4 ideas to transform an empty fireplace

19 May, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

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Fireplaces project main character energy in your home. Whether placed in a bedroom, living room or dining room, they certainly can’t be missed. So pull them into the fold, style and decorate them to align with your decor. Not all fireplaces work, yes, some blaze an open fire, perfect for curling up to relax for the evening, but some are perfect decoration pieces. And let’s say you prefer the latter approach, here are 4 ideas that can transform an empty fireplace in your home.

Bring on the interest

Just because your fireplace doesn’t function, it doesn’t mean you should allow it to sink into the wall space. Instead, bring it to life with interest. Introduce a tile, paint it a contrasting colour or replace the mantelpiece with a vintage and unique design. It doesn’t have to be boring.

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Log storage

We know you may be thinking, log storage without a functioning fire. But hear us out. If you have space within your fireplace, then adding logs to it will help to create a comforting and warming ambience without the log-burning maintenance. Instead, the natural elements of the logs add colour and character.


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Bring on the light

Do you enjoy the heat that fires bring but are not so much a fan of the constant cleaning? Play with pillar candles of varying heights to create light and warmth. Lit for the evening or hosting events, they’ll make a fantastic addition.


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Design and dress

Like a console and coffee table, use your empty fireplace with a mantelpiece to dress it up with your personal touch. Add photos, trinkets, vases and other decor pieces to bring your personality.

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