4 tips to make your entryway more inviting

13 September, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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Your entryway is probably the most important part of your home because it’s the first thing that people see as soon as they step in and first impressions are everything! The theme, the scent, the ambience, all these things matter when it comes to entryway’s and these element impact your guests first experience in your home. Because we know just how important it is to nail, we want to equip you with the very best décor items to curate your hallway so everyone knows that the vibes are elevated in your home.

Give it some personality

Make sure people know who’s house they’re walking into by adding a personal touch. Photographs are a chic way to to this! Whether mounted on the wall or placed gracefully on a console table, photographs are a great way to fill your entryway and make it homely yet chic.

Select a “Home scent”

Scents are great because they cleverly create informal branding for yourself and your home. Whenever someone comes across the same scent in another setting, they’ll automatically think of you – it’s a perfect way to create that boutique hotel feel. Scented diffusers are best at doing this, but candles are also a great touch.

Use a runner rug to make it cosy

Runner rugs adds an inviting layer to a space instantly and choosing the right pattern and colour can direct your guests subtly to where you want them to go. They’re great as they add a curated cosy feeling without completely covering your flooring so you get the best of both worlds.×350-cm-runner-beige-extra-large-wool-rug-CVD27094

Add a mirror

Mirrors are a great addition in a hallway, especially if it’s quite narrow. Using mirrors adds depth and makes any space look bigger than it actually is. It’s also helpful to have reflective surface for touch upd before heading out.


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