5 statement mirrors that’ll make your home even more fabulous

10 November, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

Mirrors are such an understated piece of furniture that people don’t consider enough. They do a fabulous job in opening up any room by creating the illusion of space, and sometimes, they can even be somewhat of a focal piece of art! They play a really important role in curating a room thus making it have more personality and feel that little bit more “lived in”. They can be placed landscape wise above your sofa, eye-level height above your entryway console or on both sides of your bed frame.

There really is no one way to have them in your home – the only thing we want to do now is convince you to get the most stylish one possible! Here are our 5 favourite mirrors that will add some more panache into your home.


IALH Editor


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