5 stylish ways to display personal photographs at home

12 May, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

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Let’s bring back IRL photographs, granted it’s amazing having photos on your phone for quick moments to look back at when it comes to the end-of-year social recap, but there is nothing more divine than curating a selection of photographs to display in your home. Photographs add a personal touch to your home so don’t be afraid to sprinkle them throughout your rooms. 

Consider black and white, play with size and proportion or enjoy your photos in colour, either way, there are a few ways to style the photographs in your home to ensure they not only align with your decor choices but you can’t help but swoon when you come across them. Between a coffee table book format and gorgeous photo frames, here are just a few stylish ideas for displaying your photographs at home.

A gallery wall

Now the most modern approach would be a gallery wall and luckily they can be done in a number of ways. You can play with the colour of the frames or the size of the photographs for vibrancy or you can lean into a more minimal and classic approach with the same frame size and colour, all aligned on the wall. Either way, if you add an art light above your gallery wall of photographs, it’ll feel like your own art exhibit.

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Set of 8 Gallery Frames

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nielsen Gallery Multi-aperture Photo Frame Set


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A photo ledge

Do you have a console table or window ledge craving to be used? Why not try integrating photos with decorative objects for a homely and ambient feel? The photo frames can align with your colour scheme and as a place you’ll likely walk past every day, they are small and cute memories to keep as reminders.


Plaited Bone Photo Frame

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Wooden Frame

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Fireside portraits

Go big and bold with fireside or general portraits. They can work if you have a fireplace and space on either side for some familial symmetry or as a trio against a plain wall. Turn your photos into an art moment that no one can miss.

The House Outfit

Milka Gallery Wall Set

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Coffee Table Book

Who doesn’t adore a coffee table complete with large images full of stories? It’s why we’re drawn to fashion books to decorate our spaces. But instead of CHANEL why not curate a coffee table book dedicated to your photo treasures? There are services such as Papier and Rosemood where you can send your photos across, choose the style of coffee table book and receive your creation in the post. A design aesthetic you must try.

Plain Photo Albums

If your space has a number of empty shelves or dedicated bookshelves, why place your photos together in a plain white, cream or black binder or photo album and stack them together? As a set of 4 or 6, they’ll complete any space, create colour without another vase, cushion or piece of furniture and house all of your photographs together without getting lost.

Aspinal of London

8-inch Lizard Print Leather Photo Album

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