5 tips to make your dining table fit for a queen

13 October, 2022 / words by Nateisha Scott

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We’ve gone from taking time dressing ourselves to carefully curating an artfully dressed table for our nearest and dearest. Tablescaping (the art of setting your table) is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle. We’re talking about taking pleasure in setting the table with elaborate colour schemes, styling details, and dinnerware collections and investing in accessories that go as far as tablecloths, napkins, candles, and vases. And what’s better, you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune creating a pretty tablescape; you can search through the H&M and Zara homes of the world or even invest in some decorations from Jo Malone and Soho Home. Whether you are hosting family and friends, yourself or your loved one, these are 5 ways to tablescape for your next hosting function.

1) Consider the season

One easy way to carve out the theme of your tablescape is to consider the season. Are we festive with white and red or floral for spring and summer? Be inspired by your surroundings; they may dictate the colour of your napkins, scent or tablecloth.

2) Be playful with your decorations

You can afford to save on these areas – napkins, flowers, place settings and even your trinket dishes holding your spices and sauces. Be savvy – you can find some absolute gems in vintage shopping or second-hand markets for a perfectly mismatched setting. If you do, however, want to invest, find time searching for colour tones and patterns that are timeless and can be used throughout the year.

3) Coordinate your dinnerware

I’m biased, but one area of your tablescaping that’ll tie everything together is your dining sets – cutlery, glasses and plates, you name it. Opt for a classic collection with plain white plates and silverware. And, if you want to take your hosting skills that bit further, invest in your cocktail and wine glasses, even your highball and collins glasses, for your guest to distinguish alongside the meal.


3) A curation of sharing essentials

Nothing is more relaxing and enjoyable than sharing the experience with your guests. Consider sauce, seasoning bowls, and a carafe for any drinks poured that night. This is where you can get fancy, with unique glass shapes that scream art and dining.

5) Scent the room

In the same way, you invest in your own fragrances, is the same way you should invest in your home fragrance. Whether you prefer candle sticks dotted across the table, incense burning in the corner or an array of candles dotted around the room, it eliminates any food smells and helps create and enhance the ambience for the evening.


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