6 pieces of art to elevate your home

15 February, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott


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Too often, art is treated as an afterthought, but the right art pieces in your home can help to elevate and impact your space. Granted, art is subjective and choosing the best pieces in your home can take time to craft and complete. But when you’ve chosen the right pieces, wall art or sculptures, it can infuse your personality and keen design eye to your surrounding space, ensuring it feels intimate and homely, more than a house.

The first question with any art is how to choose the perfect piece for the home. Consider if this piece speaks to you; if it does, you immediately know it is a piece you want. Secondly, you want to consider if your art piece will draw in a conversation as a bold, out-of-the-box thinking piece or blend into your overall décor space. When placing a piece of art in your home, you will also want to remember your lighting, space, and colour scheme – all these factors add to your art being the final piece of the décor puzzle. Finally, if you’ve been searching for months, remain patient; nothing is worse than rushing a piece for the home, only to regret it and the money spent later.

With tips to consider for choosing the impactful piece of art for your home, we’ve curated a list of categories that nod to traditional ideas of art, such as wall paintings and decorative accents, to the more subdued pieces, such as lighting and furniture. Remember art is personal, so decorate your space as you see fit.

Wall Art

Between prints, paintings, canvases, wall hangings, and photography, wall art is a gift that keeps giving—just some points to save. Always keep your wall art proportionate to your space, manageable and in the right place. Do you want your piece to stand out or blend with the rest of your decor? 

You can also add texture and feel to your wall art with decorated, bold or aged frames and pieces that tell a story. If you’re in the position too, then consider commissioning a piece, but if not, brands such as Green Lili Art and Desenio are strong home favourites.


True Grit Framed Abstract Canvas Art

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Graphic Shapes Texture No1 Poster

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Libra Jewel Glass Wall Art Green

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King & McGaw

Trumpet, 1984. Jean-Michel Basquiat

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And we aren’t talking about the roman sculptures you see in grand gardens; modern and unique sculptures can add that elevated and decadent hotel feel most of us are after in our homes. Wooden and marble plinths are great for a minimal sculpture idea in the room’s corners. Or consider bolder pieces that tell a story and can be viewed as furniture.


Libra Abstract Iron Sculpture Blue And Gold

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Mila Sculpture Gold Starburst

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West elm

Diego Olivero Floor Sculptures

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West elm

Sculptural Spheres

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Decorative Accents

This is where you can go wild, as there are so many art accents on the market that you can buy to add a flair to your home. Wood, glass, ceramics, resin, whatever your heart desires. Not only are they size comparable and able to fit almost anywhere in your home, but there are so many different accents to choose from.


Tall glass vase

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West elm

Decorative wood arches

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Zara Home


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Pao Bowl – Brass

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Fulbourn White Boucle Armchair

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An extremely understated art decoration in your home, lighting can create an ambience and be classed as a piece of art in the home. The more abstract you can go, the better. Is it a ceiling light that looks like suspended glass or a side table lamp, unrecognisable to the naked eye? Either way, your lighting can impact your artistic eye if you don’t want to lean heavily into traditional pieces.

Zara Home

Leaf Ceiling Lamp

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Soho Home

Luiz Table Lamp

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Bar Wall Light

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West elm

Light Rods LED Chandelier

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