Candles to invest in for the cosy season

24 October, 2022 / words by Nateisha Scott


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Cosy season is here. the leaves are falling, and the temperature is getting cooler, so the candles can come out to play. The first candlelight of the season is like a right of passage into the autumn/winter months, so you have to light the perfect candle and continue the cosy aromas for the rest of the cold season. Finding the right candles isn’t as straightforward as you think; you’ve got to consider the burn time, aroma and, most importantly, its essence around the living space. While scent itself is subjective, and whatever fragrance you prefer – whether that’s woody, floral, fresh and green or fruity – it’s important that the candles you’re putting your money behind are worth the burn and your coins. So considering the many warm nights ahead, we’ve rounded up the best candle brands to consider to then introduce into your home this autumn/winter.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A legendary perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian’s craft doesn’t just stop at fragrances; his work translates to candles and home scents.

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Jo Malone

A classic for a reason, you can’t beat the beauty of a Jo Malone scent and the minimal design suits every home.

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Don’t knock IKEA candles; they have an incredible burn time, and their scent lingers well for their value.

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A piece of art and a candle adding a sultry aroma to any space Diptyque is a popular and bestselling candle brand for a reason; call it a little luxury.

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If you haven’t tried a NEST candle, you’re missing out! These candles have an incredible scent so beautifully tied to their inspiration; take this pine-scented candle, for example, to help bring the outdoors in.

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This sweet and comforting scent, particularly, is well-loved within the brand. And they help give back to nature by supporting the bees and beeswax that help make their candles.

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Vranjes Firenze

With rich notes of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla, this beautifully scented solid art form fills the rooms in moments and continues to evoke its scent long after it’s blown out.

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Tom Ford

For those who adore heavy and heady scents and aromas like leather and tobacco, this one is for you.

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All you need is the notes of this one: peach, plum, peony and violet with base notes of vanilla, leather and, patchouli, HEAVEN.

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