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20 March, 2023 / words by Nateisha Scott

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Huns, a tidy house is a tidy mind and there is no better feeling than coming home from a day of work, or closing your laptops after a 9-5 in your WFH space, to a clean, calm and clutter-free home. Your space is your sanctuary; whether that is the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room or dressing room, placing your things away (while still accessible) is a godsend. So, if you’re in the mood to declutter and organise your home, consider this your guide to bookmark.

1) Mark out time

Let’s start with actually taking the time to de-clutter and organise, there is nothing worse than starting to tidy when you only have 15 minutes to spare before you need to leave. Because when you come home, the mess that you started will still be there but you have no energy or time to finish it. So, block out some time in your calendar for you to focus without distractions.

2) Do the items bring you joy?

Marie Kondo said it first, but do the items bring you joy? Whether it’s a pile of books on the coffee table or a trinket box by your bedside, if you’ve fallen out of love with a piece, or if it doesn’t suit your interior aesthetic let it go! Set aside a pile of items you’re ready to let go of and either donate it, sell it or pass it on to your family and friends.

3) Storage is key

You can’t move items from one side of the kitchen counter to the other for example, you need storage options to help re-organise your items and some of our favourites are;

Clear containers

These are great for the kitchen, utility and pantry spaces. Not only are they clean and minimal on the eye but they can hold so much. You can pop them in the fridge to separate your fruit and veg, under the sink to house your spare sponges or cleaning equipment or use them in your utility space to separate your washing pods from your drying sheets. Clear containers are essential (even the big ones for your basement or attic spaces).

Decant less appealing products

One of our favourite things to do is to decant cleaning products into more aesthetically pleasing containers. Hand soap, washing-up liquid, cleaning, equipment, dried foods, seasoning, fabric softener or glass cleaner – whatever your vice, re-housing your products will create a cleaner space.

Woven baskets

Not only do they help to provide additional textures to your space, but they are also perfect for storage, especially in the living room, bathrooms and bedrooms. Pop away your blankets, fold your towels, hide any bedroom knick-knacks or store away unwanted toys.


Basket, handmade rattan

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Cotton storage basket

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French Cane Natural Storage Basket

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Big furniture pieces

Storage containers can be chic and can also be a conversation piece in your home. Stuck for space and want to clear shoes by the doorway, want to change your duvet and not sure where to place your winter duvet or you want to space to house things you adore but don’t use everyday. Bigger furniture pieces are perfect for this.


Jed Ecru Boucle Large Storage Ottoman Bench

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Pot Pie

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Zotto 3-piece American Walnut Bathroom Storage Cabinet With LED

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Andrew Piggott

Sierra Three Door TV Unit

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Urban Outfitters

Marienne 6-Drawer Dresser

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Small items

Whether it’s smaller clothing items like your underwear or hair accessories and make-up. Even bedside essentials such as hand cream and lip balm, they can get in the way and can look untidy if not constantly kept on top of. Consider small containers, storage bags or dividers to keep items in an order.

Louis Vuitton

Nice Vanity

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Malene Birger

Bae Beauty Toiletry bag

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Eco Home Store

White Large Drawer Organisers

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Mises et Relances mini change tray

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Jewellery Tray Organiser

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Clean as you go

While your de-cluttering and organising, clean while you go, you’re making the time to move items out of the way and even re-house, so make the most of it and clean those areas you wouldn’t have necessarily touched in your weekly clean.

Redecorate areas

This is where you can breathe more life into your home without having to do too much. Do you have a pile of books, you’re not sure where to house? Place them in 2s-3s in various areas of your home to add some character (especially if you don’t have a bookcase) and turn the covers inside out or face the pages forward so they are all white or cream, creating a seamless finish. Do you have small areas that look bare since you’ve re-organised? Add planters, tall decorative pieces or small tables to not only stop you from piling up areas again but makes the area feel fresher.


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