How to get your bed winter-ready

17 October, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Holly Townsend (IALH Editor)

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There is nothing nicer on a freezing cold evening than jumping into a cozy warm bed. You know when the days get shorter and you start contemplating putting the heating on that winter is coming! Here are some top tips and hacks to get your bed ready for the cozy season – starting all the way from the mattress right up to the throw – here’s how to change up your bedding for the colder months…

Invest in a electric blanket

Honestly, I only recently jumped on the electric blanket bandwagon – and trust me I was late to the party. I wish I’d have bought one years ago, they really are the biggest winter hack. Switching it on 10 – 15 mins before you’re ready to get into bed will change your life. They come with adjustable heat settings and some even have Bluetooth, so you can control it from your phone. They’re also surprisingly energy-efficient.

Materials matter

If you had a light cotton or linen bed set in rotation during the summer months, you might want to store that away until next year. Swap them out for a thicker, warmer option. Teddy bedding is so popular and you can mix and match it with other materials to go as fluffy or simple as you like.

Don’t forget the duvet

Your duvet is probably the most important part. A light duvet saves you from overheating in the summer and a heavier tog during the winter will keep you toasty. Take note of the ‘tog’ and ‘fill power’, or the amount of space one ounce of down takes up. The higher both of these numbers, the thicker (and therefore, warmer!) the duvet will be.

Try a weighted blanket or throw

To finish it all off, a cosy throw or blanket doesn’t just make your bedding look stylish, it also keeps you warm through the night. Extra layers means all this heat you’ve built up won’t escape!


IALH Editorial Team


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