How to turn your box room into a dream nursery

25 May, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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The box room in your home may have gone through a few phases already, depending on when you moved in it’s likely been a storage / overflow room, second wardrobe, guest bedroom or even a dressing room. But all that’s about to change now there’s tiny human about to occupy that space for the foreseeable future! You might be looking around it right this moment wondering how you’re going to squeeze everything your new baby needs into this box. But with some clever nursery solutions and decor like good storage, utilising the walls and pieces of furniture that provide two (or more!) functions you’ll have the dreamiest space for you and your baby in no time.

Make use of the wall space

Keep things organised and close to hand by using wall-mounted storage, you could even remove the doors so long as you keep things neat! You could even use a fold up changing table so it’s out of the way when not in use.

The White Company

Rattan Cloud Bookshelf

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Great Little Trading Co.

Paxon Modular Shelving

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Mack + Milo

Wilks Changing Table

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Useful furniture picks

Try to get furniture that serves more than one purpose, or will turn into another useful item when your baby outgrows its first use. There are so many cots out there that fit neatly into small spaces and become toddler beds as your baby grows. Others have changing tables attached so you have two useful things in the place of just one.

From The Makers

3 in 1 Cot Bed | Changing Table | Chest Of Drawers

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Comfort Baby

Babybed Smartgrow 7in1

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SMÅSTAD / PLATSAStorage combination, white/with frame

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You can still decorate!

There’s no reason why the nursery can’t be your baby’s dream room, even if it’s small. Play with wall murals, pictures and eye catching cot mobiles to keep things cute.


Tigercub Prints Safari Nursery Prints

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Baby mobile neutral animals 

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