Ideal house plants for any room in your home

1 September, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Holly Townsend (IALH Editor)

Image by Halle Bailey

Whether you want to bring the outside indoors, or you’ve tried and failed to keep your previous plants alive, we’ve got you covered.

If your house is just the place you go to sleep and occasionally eat, then you’ll want something low maintenance that doesn’t mind being left to do its own thing while you’re living your best life. However, if you have a little more time and can dedicate time to daily watering then something more needy might be right for you.

There’s no special formula, just one badly-kept secret to it really: recreate its natural habitat through its preferred amount of humidity, light and water (ok well that’s technically 3!) will ensure your plant babies thrive! Where you put them is key depending on how dark / light and warm / cold the room gets throughout the day.

 Here are some of the best plants to suit every lifestyle hun.

Peace Lily

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A sturdy choice, that can deal with brighter or darker rooms. But you might want to choose a room that gets more light as it’ll produce beautiful white flowers in these conditions. Also prefers humid conditions, so a kitchen or bathroom is perfect – if not, mist frequently.

Lucky Bamboo

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Probably the choice for those who have a history of killing all the plants they’ve ever owned. It’s almost indestructible. To ensure it grows well and stays a strong green colour, bright but not direct sunlight is best. A real tip for Lucky Bamboo is to water them with bottled or filter water if you live in a hard water area!

Snake Plant

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Almost impossible to kill. Water when the soil feels dry, this may be up to fortnightly in the winter. Will be fine in nearly all lights, just don’t keep in a dark, gloomy hallway.

Devils Ivy

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Only requires water once a week and will be fine in most lights. The brighter the space, the quicker it will grow! Enjoys a more humid environment – like a kitchen, if you want to put it in a dryer room then you may need to mist occasionally.

Chinese Money Plant

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Only needs water when it feels dry to touch. Likes lots of indirect light, so keep away from windowsills, but a room that get lots of daylight is perfect. Not needy in anyway.


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