Mel’s kitchen decor secrets revealed

28 October, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Article and image by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

When I first moved into my home I decided very quickly that the kitchen was the first room that I wanted to complete. In my eyes and through my experience, the kitchen is the heart of the home and I wanted to make it a social and special space whilst working with a budget.


Kitchen island

Our kitchen didn’t have an island when we moved in but I quickly rectified that by buying this mobile island from Ikea. I love how monochromatic it is AND it has a chopping block feature, a draw for my spices and a rack that my pots and bowls sit perfectly on. I think you get a lot for what you pay for! 

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Large Fyli vase

If you’ve watched my YouTube series you know I’m all about a decorative piece in the kitchen! This vase from Oka creates such a center piece and the twisted hazel stems are perfect as they’re a one time buy which means you actually save money by not buying flowers weekly! Call me Martin Lewis babes! 

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Stainless steel toaster

Smeg appliances were the only things on my mind when I thought about this kitchen and we were lucky enough to get several pieces from the range as wedding gifts! Shout out to my friends and fam! 

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Stand mixer

I love pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional and Smeg appliances live up to the hype in both realms. The kettle is great. Toast is great. Blender is great and I’m looking for every and any excuse to use the cake mixer! From what I’ve read, you can use it to make fresh pasta too! 

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Resurrection duet

I’ve been using the resurrection set from Aesop for years now in both the bathroom and kitchen and nothing compares. The hand cream takes literally years to finish so you’ll only ever find yourself replacing the hand wash – and remember what I showed you on insta stories. If you gotta refill it with a cheaper alternative please do so because we all about the aesthetics baby! The cost of living is REAL. 

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Mosaique au 24 platinum breakfast cup and saucer

Okay now this is a big investment but I’m all about having a little elevated moment in my day. These Hermès breakfast cup and saucer sets make me feel so special in the morning and look too pretty displayed in my cabinets. I always remembered going to family houses when I was younger and seeing glass display cabinets of their very best China and I kinda feel like with these, I’m keeping the tradition alive. 

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Le Creuset

Cast Iron Signature Shallow Casserole

And last but not least the Le Crueset casserole dish. Baby. Nothing makes you feel like you’ve made it in life more than owning something from Le Crueset. It’s both decorative and functional and it’s def gonna get your Sunday lamb RIGHT! 

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