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10 July, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

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I don’t know about you but the shower screen is the thing I obsess over the most in the bathroom. Once it starts to get streaky or the glass goes dull or cloudy I know it’s time for me to work my magic. But not everything removes water stains or streaks that well and sometimes you can give the whole thing a massive scrub but it doesn’t come up gleaming. Now you know we have the hacks for just about everything here at IALH, and shower screens are no different. Here’s 3 failsafe ways to keep it looking brand new huns…

1) Natural – water and white vinegar

Now this works for so many things around the house, and it’ll also work for your shower screen by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray liberally onto the glass, let sit for a minute or two and then wipe down. For any stubborn marks dip a cloth into the solution and give it a scrub. Use a squeegee after you’ve cleaned and then a microfibre cloth to make that screen sparkle!


Shower Squeegee

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2) The best ready to buy sprays


Bathroom Limescale Remover Spray

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Now she’s the GOAT. In terms of ready to buy products off the shelf in the local supermarket you won’t find better. It’s also really affordable. Run, don’t walk.


Shower Glass Cleaner

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Slightly more expensive for a bathroom cleaner, but it does the job well and you don’t need much. So you money goes a long way.

3) Get a shower filter

Shower filters reduce impurities in the water so when the water hits the shower screen there’s less gunk in it that will stick and eventually discolour the glass.

Hello Klean

Shower Filter

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