The most stylish ways to restock your pantry

3 April, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by IALH Editor

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So you’ve emptied the pantry, there’s packets and half finished bags of pasta all over the floor and spices you don’t even remember buying for that recipe you made one time! What next? Give it a good hard look and decide what’s worth keeping, what you always use and what can go straight in the bin. We’re not here to tell you what food you should and shouldn’t keep in a pantry – that bits up to you.. but we’re on hand to make those supplies and ingredients look as aesthetically pleasing as possible and convenient to get to.


Linen-blend bread bag

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Practical and stylish to keep loaves or rolls, or if you’re still into sourdough after lockdown – it works for that too!

So At Nature

Complete laundry storage set

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Transfer your detergent and conditioner into these jars and rid yourself of clunky cardboard and plastic boxes taking up space.


Rectangular wood acacia wood spice jars

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Keep all your spices in perfectly sized jars. They come with a stand so you’ll never misplace any.


Airtight food storage containers

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Perfect if you’re short on space but big on supplies! There’s a size for every type of food imaginable and you can personalise the labels.

Joseph Joseph

Podium airtight storage container set & stand

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If you need to conserve as much space as possible, these containers could be it. They stack neatly on top of each other with no risk of falling off.


Food storage containers

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These clear containers show you exactly whats in each one with a helpful rubber grip to avoid any accidents.

Layered Lounge

Glass jar with glass lid

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You can’t beat clear glass to show off all your perfectly arranged pasta and cereal shapes.


Tall glass jar with lid

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These jars come in all sizes, so if you need something for spaghetti, nuts or even sweets – these will work.


T&G Provence wire oval basket

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Add a basket or two to give the pantry shelves some charm. Use them to store snacks for easy access!


Wooden & metal storage furniture with wheels

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Perfect for fruit and veg, and can be placed in a pantry or even the kitchen itself if you have the space. The top works as a work surface too.

So At Nature

Tall glass pasta jar set

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Glass oil bottle dispensers

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Fill these with your favourite oils, syrups or vinegars to make cooking that bit easier on the eye. They’ll also look lovely on the pantry shelf too.


Screw top glass jar

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Not many jars have screw tops so these are definitely an option if that’s what you’re looking for. They also have a chic feel.


Round banana leaf basket

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If you’ve put everything away in its rightful place but there’s a few odds and ends left. Try a few of these baskets to keep the pantry tidy.

A Place for Everything

Wooden pantry storage bin with handle

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Great for packets of crisps, nuts or sweets, keeps everything organised and super neat.


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