3 coffee alternative that’ll still give you energy

19 October, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

Coffee surely can solve all your problems after one sip, making it a solid and extremely popular drink, but it also has some knock on effects. Some coffee alternatives are solid options to try if you are seeking to reduce or just test other things, to diversify a little. These alternatives are beneficial in their own terms, and may not provide the exact same effects as coffee so it is important to remain open minded.


Matcha is a type of green tea made with finely ground tea leaves. It contains caffeine but the caffeine is released more slowly into the body, providing a sustained source of energy. It is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Iced matcha latte with CBD drops and matcha latte with peanut butter are my favorite ways to have matcha. To make a matcha latte with peanut butter, simply dissolve your matcha in hot water in your bowl, add half a teaspoon of peanut butter into the mix and whip until smooth (you could also whip the peanut butter separately and add it to the mix later). Add your frothed milk and voila.

Pink (beetroot) latte

Beetroot lattes are super yummy, easy to make and pink (shout out to all the Barbie girls). It is a solid alternative, especially for if you do not like beetroot (I can attest to it as I am one of them). It has a sweet and interesting taste that is definitely worth a try. Beetroot is a powerful antioxidant, provides a great source of energy as it improves your body’s ability to produce energy in your cells and has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

To make a beetroot latte, dissolve a teaspoon of beetroot powder into warm water in a mug into a smooth paste, froth your milk of choice (I use oat milk) and add to the beetroot mix


Ingredients like banana, berries, and greens can provide a good boost of energy into your mornings, along with carbohydrates and many other vitamins. Try experimenting with different combos to see which one works best for you. I love adding Moringa powder to my smoothie – it is called the « Miracle Tree » due to how much goodness it brings to the body in addition to that energy kick.


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