How to Keep White Clothes Clean [3 Tips]

29 April, 2022 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Image by @didistone

I find wearing an all white look to be the epitome of style and Grace. There’s just a way one carries themselves (probably because you’re not trying to smear dirt all over yourself) whilst wearing white that is somewhat angelic – all in all, it’s just such a classy colour to wear. The issue is actually keeping your clothes white whilst you’re out.

I myself feel like a veteran when it comes to this (remember white dress bib gate) and have become fully equipped on how to keep myself stain free whilst wearing white! Here are some tips;



Rinse-free hand wash

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Mixed sanitiser towelettes

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Rinse-free hand wash

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Do not put make up on your body or neck

This is the one mistake I see a lot of people make. There’s nothing worse than seeing make up on your shirt collar! The easiest way to avoid it is to simply not do it. Nothing more, nothing less!

Do not touch your face if you’re wearing make up

I know this sounds obvious but honestly this is my biggest tip whilst wearing white. So many of us don’t realise how much we touch our face and transfer the residue to our clothes. Be sure to constantly keep washing your hands or use anti bac wipes when you do end up touching your face.

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Stain remover wipes

These wipes have saved me during my most desperate times. These shout wipes are EXCELLENT and they work on all clothes but I make a conscious effort to throw a few in my handbag when wearing white.


Wipe & Go instant stain remover

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To Go stain pens

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This tide pen is really good and scribbling out stains on the go. Small enough for your clutch bag too!




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