5 gym hacks if you’re too busy to workout

22 September, 2023 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Go early

If you can get there before your day begins you’ll actually save yourself tons of time – it tends to be quieter travelling there and the gym itself has less people in it. So no time wasted waiting for your fave machine! It takes some practice and will power to lift yourself out of bed earlier, but once you’re in a routine you’ll be surprised how good you get at it. Start while the mornings are lighter at an earlier time so the winter blues don’t shock you.

Try a HIIT class

They’re typically shorter than most other classes, and due to the intensity you’ll still be burning a similar amount of calories and getting those gains. It’s great for cardio fitness and waking you up the right way for the rest of your day.

Don’t get ready before the gym

It really doesn’t matter what you look like hun, you’re there to workout. No need for anything special with your hair and makeup and if you’re taking your clothes with you to get ready there and then head to work anyway, you can get glam afterwards!

Pack everything the night before

Have it all ready to go so you’re not rushing or wasting time in the morning before you head out. This will also motivate you to actually go as there’s no excuse that you didn’t have enough time or forgot something.

Work out multiple body areas in one session

If you know you don’t have a lot of time that week, try mixing the body areas you work into one session. So do some abs on the same day as legs for instance to get it all in one go. It also allows the trained part of you to rest while you work on another area.


IALH Editorial Team


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