Bed Sheets that will improve your quality of sleep

10 May, 2022 / words by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Image by @AdrienneBailon

If anyone knows anything about bedsheets, it’s me. I became obsessed with bedding about 4 years ago when I realised that the real luxury lies where you lay your head. I’ve tried all the cottons and fabrics they have to offer and I gradually became conscious of how my quality of sleep differed depending on the bedding I used to sleep in.

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are the most breathable sheets that I’ve ever used. They really provide the best air circulation during sleep because of their silky, slinky stature. They’re also the easiest sheets I’ve had the experience of washing and they iron like a dream. They last a great amount of time too so they’re well worth the investment. They’re a little more relaxed in nature so you’re not going to be able to get that strict premium look when dressing your bed but you can somewhat cheat it by using several pillows to reintroduce that luxury aesthetic. In terms of comfort, you won’t find sheets softer and more comfortable than these.


100% Bamboo Duvet Cover Set

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Hotel collection Egyptian cotton 1000TC sheets

These sheets are going to be the closest to hotel quality that you’re going to find. They’re quite firm and have that great sturdy structure because they’re made up of 1000 thread count. I really like these ones from House of Fraser as they have somewhat of a silky reflective element that makes them look expensive (I mean they reflect the same price-wise but there’s always an offer on them so no drama!). They iron beautifully as well but there’s definitely more labour and arm ache involved in comparison to the bamboo sheets because they’re thicker. 

House of Fraser Hotel Collection

Hotel 1000TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover

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Supima cotton 1000TC square pillowcases 

Now when it comes to square pillowcases you definitely need more structure to get that high-end bedding look so these 1000TC cotton will do just that for you. These ones from soak and sleep are great as they’re super silky and structured but they need to be cared for a little differently. To maintain their new look feel it’s best to iron them whilst they’re damp. I love these pillowcases because they’re not abrasive on the skin at all and your skincare products won’t soak into them like regular cotton pillows. Also, square pillows just add that extra flair to your bed set when placed behind your standard rectangular pillows.  

Soak & Sleep

White 1000 Thread Count Supima Cotton Square Oxford Pillowcase Pair

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