Here’s how to strengthen your body in everyday life

24 October, 2023 / words by Imane Dodo

Being strategic about your fitness journey is key. While the bulk of the work is done at the gym, you can also keep your body engaged throughout the day. These active choices can make a big difference in your physical and mental health over the long term, and how quickly you reach your fitness goals. In addition, fitting in some exercises in your everyday life can be useful when life gets busy and you can’t go to the gym as much, so let’s get into it.

Use a standing desk at the office

Using a standing desk improves your posture and increases calories burnt (standing burns more calories than sitting). In addition, standing up reduces back pain, gives you an energy burst, keeps the blood flowing, improves back pain and will encourage you to take more breaks, stretch and get some steps in, which is all win-win. You can burn an extra 1,000 calories a week when standing at your desk, which can make a huge difference in the long term.

Invest in an exercise ball chair

While there is no scientific evidence showing that sitting on a ball at your desk is more beneficial, sitting on a ball does require higher core engagement. Having a ball nearby can also be a game changer at work as you could challenge yourself to do some sit ups and stretches on your ball a couple times a day.

Use everyday objects as weights

Lift and carry your groceries, or any reasonably heavy item around the house. Make sure you use proper lifting technique especially when lifting something from the floor to avoid any injuries.

Take the stairs

Ok I know you were expecting this one but it is really a simple and effective way to get some steps in and tone up those legs and glutes


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