How not to fall out with your friend whilst on holiday

22 November, 2023 / words by Nancy Lova

You and your bestie have obsessed for months over your upcoming vacation. You’ve booked those flights, endlessly planned outfits and saved posts relating to your destination on Instagram but the one thing you didn’t plan for, are fights. Falling out abroad is the least expected thing and why should anyone worry about this? If you know each other well enough to travel then all should be fine but as trips aren’t the same as nights out or sleepovers, dynamics can change drastically. So here I’ll recommend a few tips on how not to fall out with your friend whilst on holiday and have the best time!

Bring your own essentials 

Sounds simple but it’s petty squabbles over hogging hair straighteners, your girl using up all your perfume or finishing a whole bottle of shampoo that can snowball into huge arguments. Of course it’s fine to share, that’s what friends do but there’s a fine line between sharing and treating something like it’s yours. Such behaviour displays a disregard to feelings and belongings which is why it’s best to bring your own essentials even if you do end up swapping and borrowing each other’s items. Don’t be the person that under packs and assumes your friend will have everything needed. So pack the necessities like straighteners, toiletries, a nice bottle of perfume, travel adapters and chargers and avoid the disputes. 

Equal amounts of cash 

From past experience, money is probably the most common cause of arguments when abroad. 

I think no two people are completely identical with spending habits and financial expectations. Someone is always going to want to spend more or less than the other but with transparency, everyone can be on the same page. Agree on how much cash is needed for each person to feel comfortable and it’s helpful if the amounts are equal. You bringing £1,000 spending money whilst bestie withdraws £200 is going to create chaos real fast. To also keep things fair and spare any waiters from awkwardness, decide prior to reservations whether bills will be split evenly or everyone just covers what they order. 

Now there may be that generous friend that wants to cover the bill on some occasions, I personally think as a friend, it’s nice to return the favour but I understand this may not be possible for all which is why I say transparency is key. Be honest from the start as to whether or not you’ll be happy to cover bills or will only be paying for yourself.

Reserve separate rooms 

You’ll be doing a lot of bonding with your friend. Right from breakfast and straight through to dinner, you’ll be sightseeing, shopping, eating and drinking together and that’s so much fun! However we can get irritated from constantly being around others. We all need some alone time, usually at the end of the day to recenter and unwind quietly or perhaps we just want our own space to get ready, the best option for this is to reserve separate rooms. Return to your rooms, relax, sleep and decide on when to meet up the next day. The budget for separate rooms may not always be enough so selecting a larger room like a queen or twin room or suite, compared to a standard double can work. 

Plan activities beforehand 

I’m more of a go-with-the-flow kind of traveller but I know that mentality can clash with those who prefer to be more organised. An itinerary with activities booked prior will allow everyone to know what to expect on the trip but if that’s too structured then just a simple agreement of a plan for the day ahead at breakfast or the night before can keep the peace, leaving room for only good vibes and enjoyment. 

Clarify intentions 

This probably isn’t discussed enough or in fact at all amongst many friendship groups but let’s face it, some people have certain habits and personal intentions especially when on holiday. It’s the perfect time to let your hair down and loosen up, have a few drinks, stay out later than usual, exchange numbers with a cute guy but try not to get carried away. Safety is paramount. Not only are poor decisions a sure way to cause major fall outs but also puts others in danger. 

The friend who drinks too much or spends the night with a guy without notice is a bit of a liability however clarifying the intentions or the nature of the trip leaves little room for surprises. If it’s a boozy weekend away, then cheers to that ! Or if you’d like to meet new people abroad then let your friends know before.



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