How to have a stress free anniversary get away

29 November, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

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Someone said that it’s cuffing season, which means this article will become useful to you at some point in the future. Celebrating anything is fun, but celebrating love is truly one of the best feelings out there and we all love a holiday to disrupt our mundane routines, so why not plan a getaway with your beau. A quick getaway allows you to focus on each other without any distractions and allows you to reconnect with your partner on simple tasks, such as choosing what to eat and what you would like to pack for your trip. As someone who has been lucky enough to go on six amazing adventures this year with their partner, I have found what generally works best for both of us and what can be applied to other couples.

Start off by setting yourself a budget. There is nothing worse than worrying about how much you are spending during your holiday or having to suddenly fork out extra payments on things you did not plan for. A great way to budget and save for your trip is to create a savings pot on your banking account, which you can regularly deposit money into and even have round-ups from purchases. It is always best to pad your budget with at least 20% more than what you need, to account for any miscellaneous expenses that may occur.

Once you have got your budget sorted, you can start discussing with your partner about potential places they would like to visit or activities you would like to do. In my experience, I did not enjoy visiting humid places with my partner as I found the temperature made me a little bit irritable. The best getaways I have been on with my partner to cooler environments or consistently air conditioned spots have been so much fun. You do not always have to leave the UK to have a great holiday or end up doing anything too strenuous, there are so many beautiful properties across the UK that you are able to stay in such as cabins, castles or barns. For those wanting an intimate holiday, cabins provide this experience with little to no fuss.

Food can be a bit of a tricky one and I do believe in not making rigid plans for a holiday as this can become more stressful. In my experience creating a list of approved restaurants at various distances, makes choosing food spots so much easier. If you are at a cabin or similar property, you may wish to either get catering or prep food to reduce the amount of labour needed during your getaway.

At the end of the day everyone just wants to feel loved or listened to so keep your ears peeled to what your partner is mentioning throughout the year. Most people drop subtle hints of things they would like to have or do, which makes planning a surprise a lot easier. As an example my partner really wanted to view the river Thames from a better angle, so I booked a cabin along the river- which made them feel so loved.


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