How to set realistic goals for 2024

1 December, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

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2023 was definitely a year of trials and tribulations for many, whilst others seemed to be living the most lavish of lifestyles. It does not matter how much planning you do, time will always get the best of us and you should never beat yourself up if things do not go your way. With that being said, let’s set some goals for 2024, so we can at least try to make things go our way. 

  1. They always say to move forward you have to look back, so self reflection is a must. Without getting too sad or lamenting on things that cannot be changed, taking time to evaluate what has happened over the past year, can free you from making the same mistakes again. If you are struggling to do this, it may be worth reaching out to a trusted friends or therapist to provide a balanced insight into the events of your life
  2. Be so for real! Make your goals realistic. There is nothing more unserious than setting goals that you know are impossible, it will only lead to you feeling inadequate and unaccomplished for the year ahead. Setting goals that you can achieve with your resources or within your allotted time frame, will allow you to tick things off your list, leaving you feeling successful and satisfied.
  3. Not every goal is weighted equally, let’s strategise and prioritise. Let’s say you were saving for multiple things throughout the year and found yourself needing to hit the target amount saved for one goal faster than you needed to reach other goals; it is okay to prioritise your main saving goal to make it achievable. Prioritising your goals also allows you to feel more streamlined and clear your head from other distractions. 
  4. Bend but do not snap! Keep your goals flexible because life is unpredictable. None is saying that you have to completely change your goals, but choosing to stay open and adaptable to your circumstances and the world around you. Flexibility allows you to avoid being disappointed if your final outcome is different to what you initially had planned. 
  5. Lean on your village. It truly does take a village to create a whole person, and once you are grown up the village may not be the same but it is still there. You do not have to do anything by yourself and it is often more efficient to have support from others. This support may also come in the form of noted accountability to keep you on track and encourage you to achieve those goals. 
  6. Now for the fun part, treat yourself! Providing yourself with incentives and acknowledgement gives you a reason to keep going! You should always celebrate yourself and your accomplishments no matter how big or small they may seem.

2024 may sound like a menacing year, but it truly can be whatever you make of it!


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