Need a designer item repaired? Here are the best restoration companies on the market

5 December, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

So, you’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on that designer bag that’s been on your moodboard for years. As much as it’s a trophy piece, you’ve definitely got your wear out of it – which you should! There’s no way you’ve made such a big investment and not enjoy it to the max.

The issue is wear at tear. It’s still beautiful, but no longer has that store fresh feel. Maybe you want to change the colour of it (yes, that’s a thing), tighten some threds or repair the harwear. But, who can you trust to provide amazing service and care for your item like you would – after all it’s your baby! We’re here to help by giving you some suggestions of where you can take you designer good for repair and have them looking brand new again.

The Handbag Clinic

Bag Spa London

Jeeves London

The handbag Restoration Company


IALH Editor


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