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28 December, 2021 / words by user

Written by Cloe Vaz-Wiggins

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It’s that time of year again… the time to set new intentions and goals but before we do so, it’s also a time to look back, reflect, analyse and put everything on a scale. 

By default and human nature, whether we’ve accomplished the majority of our goals or just a few, it’s easy to look back and lament over the things we didn’t achieve. Even when we acknowledge the things we did conquer, the majority of us will immediately think of the things we didn’t do, didn’t make, didn’t get, and so forth. I’m sure, for all of us, this reflection is especially bitter-sweet this year in one way or another. 

To say that the past two years have been a lot would be an understatement. We’re still not quite aware of how this pandemic has affected our mental health and wellbeing and it seems like we’re at the start of it all again with a new variant, with all these looming restrictions coming back. Travel is still a stressful process for many of us and the distance from our loved ones is ever-present. Social media is becoming more and more triggering, and the inevitable comparison train is going faster than ever. So, as you’re reflecting, please be aware of all of these unprecedented factors and include them in your exercise. 

Give yourself some grace whilst doing this.

Even though self-reflection is absolutely necessary when you’re setting new goals, it can also be quite demotivating if you focus most of your energy on the things you did not achieve. So, make sure that as you do this, you’re making space and focusing on what you DO HAVE and what you HAVE ACCOMPLISHED.

Whether you set new resolutions every year, or you’ve just started doing it, take time to seriously think about them. Resolutions are somewhat like new habits that we try to teach ourselves, and we all know that the journey of implementing new habits and routines can have its ups and downs. If you stick to them long enough, they’ll become part of your life, but that is only if you stick to them. So, take a few days to really think about which resolutions you can truly commit to.

What are the things you really want to add or improve in your life?

– What do you want to learn?

– What do you want to try? 

– What do you want to do more of? 

– What are you going to stop doing?  

Think of resolutions as a plan and a framework to create the life you want for yourself!

So, how do you set your 2022 goals?

Resolutions are extremely personal and only you know what you’re willing to put some serious effort into and what you need or want in your life moving forward. 

My biggest advice would be to focus on the HOW! Rather than focusing on the resolution itself, focus more on how you’re going to get there. What do you need to do? What do you need to change? How will you do it? List those necessary steps under each resolution. We can all very easily get overwhelmed by big goals, so if you break them down and focus on each step at a time it can be much more productive and enjoyable.

I personally break down my goals into different categories such as:

– Personal (anything relationships based)

– Health and wellness (exercise, health, supplements, self-care)

– Financial (savings, knowledge, goals)

– Not just for me (how to impact the collective)

to name a few, but you can create and compartmentalise it in whatever way that makes sense to you.

Within each category, I’d set 3 or 4 goals and then add 2 to 3 smaller steps on how to achieve it:

For example:

Health and wellness:  I want to read 12 books this year.

*I’ll read 30 minutes a day / I’ll read one book a month.

My last tip is; after you’ve written down your goals, duplicate your format and have a six month tracker and a twelve month tracker. You want to be able to see and track your progress, and checking back in six months is a great way to ensure you’re on track or push yourself to get back on track! This way by creating realistic goals and setting even more realistic timelines to stick to, you can truly enjoy the journey and every accomplishment you make along the way. 

After all, it’s not a New Year’s month thing, IT’S A LIFESTYLE HUN – pun intended!




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