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22 December, 2021 / words by user

Written by It’s A Lifestyle Hun team

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We’ve been encouraging so many of you to tap out and pick up a book to get away from the intensities of adulting so we wanted to share a few of our favourite reads.

This book was so transformative for me. It takes your on a journey on several different fragments of fictional perspectives of the Ghanaian slave trade and the after effects of it. It’s an eye opening embodiment of hardship, love and hope. A gripping read to say the least.

Melissa, It’s A Lifestyle Hun owner


Home Going
By Yea Gyasi

The Four Agreements is making another cameo, I read this book for the first time in 2019 and ever since then I like to revisit it once or twice a year! It’s so simple to understand and put in practice and really enhances your relationships with people around you and yourself! So I’m ending the year on this note, so I can start the year on this note also!

Cloe, health and wellness editor


The Four Agreements
By Don Miguel Ruiz

I usually go between an audiobook and an actual book! I’ve devoured the Will Smith audio book! It’s so engaging, so dynamic and entertaining, I love audiobooks especially when they’re read by the author and this was one of the best I’ve ever read!

Cloe, health and wellness editor



By Will Smith

Never split the difference will take your EQ to the next level. Narrated by a former FBI Hostage negotiator Chris Voss, he takes us through the different approaches to negotiation which can be used in any situation. His 9 key principles will help you to become more persuasive in your personal and professional life whether be negotiating your next pay rise or deciding who’s going to the dishes.

Pam, hair and beauty editor


Never split the difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it

By Chriss Voss, with Tahl Raz

This book consists of the integral and unedited journal of a black single mother of three living in the poorest favelas of Sao Paolo, Brazil between 1955 and 1960. Despite barely knowing how to write, Carolina is a powerful storyteller and It’s been an awakening experience to dive into her life and closely explore matters such as famine, violence, love and resilience – all in one. This book is as tragic as it is a love story, of a mother who loves her children beyond measure.

Gen, fashion and lifestyle editor


The Unedited Diaries Of Carolina Maria de Jesus

By Carolina Maria de Jesus

Happy reading!




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