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11 December, 2023 / words by IALH Editor

There is no escaping technology and gadgets, they are in every single part of our lives whether you like it or not. Instead of fighting the future, indulge in a little extra technology to make your life easier.

Leading a busy life means that you are prone to losing things, no matter how organised you are everyone is at risk- so let’s put a stop to that. One of the worse items to lose is your purse, canceling cards and contacting the DVLA is not how you should be spending your time. I did try putting an AirTag between my cards, but as you can imagine this was incredibly bulky. My partner actually found a slim, card shaped tracking tag that can easily fit between your cards without distorting your card holder. This particular tracker, syncs very easily to your iPhone and allows you to use the ‘find my’ option to get directions to your items or play a very loud noise. 

Have you ever heard anyone say ‘I have an iPad, I feel like I have my life together’, well they are not wrong. Since purchasing my iPad mini and Apple Pencil, note taking and completing tasks on the go flows so seamlessly. If you are looking to diversify your food options and struggle to follow recipes, having an iPad propped up whilst cooking creates a hands free and voice commanded cooking experience. By having your note taking device and recipes in one place, means that you can also easily create shopping lists that will be accessible on all your devices. 

If you enjoy documenting your life through the good and the bad, you’ll need a compact WIFI enabled digital camera. Taking pictures and videos on your phone is great, but nothing beats camera quality. Which means it’s time to invest in the latest version from the canon G7X series- the mark III! This camera captures every skin tone beautifully without leaving a single pixel looking washed out or distorted. The G7X mark III is designed for vlogging and self capture imagery, with the key feature of the flip-up viewing screen so that you are not creating content blind! The mark III provided crisp 4K videos making it the perfect holiday camera for capture your girls trips.

I used to get in trouble for leaving my bedroom lights on all the time, which is terrible for the environment and equally as bad for my energy bills, so I had to do something about it. Introducing the Philips Hue lighting system- the light build for the lazy girls. The Philips hue offers Bluetooth connectivity and customisable lighting options to create ambiance from the palm of your hand. You can completely control any lights fitted when the hue bulbs from your phone, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off again. (This is also brilliant for anyone afraid of the dark).


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