Why you shouldn’t stress about turning 30

27 September, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Tiwalola

Image by @slipintostyle

The media’s portrayal of women over 30 and our society’s obsession with looking young forever has created a lot of unnecessary fear around turning 30. The truth is if you speak to women who are actually in their 30’s they’ll tell you that these are their best years yet.

Your 20’s are really not your prime, they are more like your primer. You’re trying to figure out who you are, what you want, you make A LOT of bad mistakes and you tolerate a lot more BS than you actually should. These years are just the starting point of your life.

On the other hand, in your 30’s you’re a lot more unapologetic about your worth, your boundaries and your needs. You have more wisdom and care way less about what other people think of you. Your 30’s are like your ‘no bullshit’ years.

To enter your 30’s confidently, firstly you must be intentional about your growth. Carve out time to know your strengths, your passions, your values and get into alignment with them. Next, don’t be afraid to challenge society’s superficial standards and unrealistic expectations often placed on women. There isn’t only one way to live or be, you get to define and redefine yourself as many times as you like. Your life belongs to you. Act like it.  Finally, define success on your own terms and don’t compare your journey to other peoples. Success isn’t  what you’ve achieved in comparison to others, it’s about how far you’ve come in relation to where you started.

You don’t have to give into fear or the perfectionist mindset of ‘needing to have it all figured out’. You are ever growing and evolving, you don’t have an expiry date!

Plus let’s be honest… No one has it all figured out

So, here’s a reminder of 30 things you don’t need to have by the time you turn 30. Your life is not a tick box exercise, and the world is not your judge.  

1. A husband/ partner

2. A business

3. A degree

4. A house

5. A long-term relationship

6. A perfect credit score

7. A side hustle

8. A six-figure income

9. Kids

10.  Reached your full potential

11.  Found your purpose

12.  Become known in your industry

13.  Been intimate

14.  A car

15.  Solo travelled

16.  Designer items

17.  Clear skin

18.  Cleared your debt

19.  Thousands of social media followers

20.  Completed your bucket list

21.  Loads of friends

22.  Been made a director or executive

23.  Your dream job

24.  Your dream body

25.  Strong faith

26.  An investment portfolio

27.  A solid support system

28.  Been on Forbes

29.  Done a masters

30.  ___________ (Insert yours)

Just because these things haven’t happened yet doesn’t mean they won’t happen for you. Trust the timing of your life and prioritise doing what’s important to you.  Never forget you have the power of choice to make your own rules and go at your own pace.


IALH Editorial Team


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