5 destinations to consider if you’re still holding onto summer

23 October, 2023 / words by Alicia Lartey

I’m a true sun worshiper so I’m forever holding onto summer and if you’re based in the UK too then you would know that this year we probably had about 2 weeks of heat and the rest of the time was perfect conditions for ducks and other wetland creatures.

We may be heading into winter but it doesn’t mean we can’t skip the cold with a little cheeky trip abroad and back into the warmth. So if like me, you’re not ready to wave goodbye to summer then I’ve got a list of destinations where you can bask in the sun, lounge by the pool and sip on some cocktails.


I mean, do I really need to explain why you should visit Egypt? It’s Egypt! And it’s one of the most sought after destinations to visit during any time of the year but especially when trying to avoid the cold. 

The architecture, the history and culture, the people, the food!! Egypt is a dreamy summer extension. If it’s city life you’re after and want to be amongst the hustle and bustle then Cairo is your go-to. Dive deep into Arab culture filled with a rich history, breathtaking Islamic architecture, The Pyramids of Giza and mouth-watering cuisines. For the lovers of beaches and chilled vibes, head over to Sharm el-Sheikh for gorgeous resorts, water sports, camel trekking and scuba-diving in the Red Sea!


Seville is the hottest city in Spain and I mean this quite literally. Temperatures reach above 45°C during the summer months and has an average of 20°C to 28°C in autumn through to winter, making it the perfect quick getaway from the cold whilst staying locally in Europe too. 

I adore everything about this city, its grandeur in monuments, the captivating historical city centre, orange tree-lined streets and charming restaurants serving delicious traditional dishes. 

With seven to ten daily hours of sun from October through to December, you can dedicate late mornings to sightseeing, afternoons for dips in the pool and early evenings for rooftop drinks as the sun begins to set. 

If it’s a beach you’re after then a day trip to the popular Cádiz is within easy reach where you can soak up the sun on golden sands. 


How about swimming with horses or going for a sunset ride along white sandy beaches? Zanzibar is truly a magical destination particularly when looking to continue the summer vibes. Whilst many of us are shivering in places like London and New York during the winter, temperatures here are on average around 30°C. 

World-class beaches like Nungwi Beach, beautiful villages, spice tours, and some of the best dive sites in East Africa are just a few of the endless reasons why Zanzibar should be on the top of your list. 


Fancy making things a bit tropical? Then Mauritius is for you. September through to December is in fact one of the best times to visit the island due to less humidity, clear waters and a continuous tropical feel. 

Mauritius is a fusion of wonderful communities, local cuisines, lush forestation and idyllic beaches. A true paradise. Whist it’s very tempting to laze about under palm trees along the pearly white sands, there’s a plethora of bucket list activities to immerse yourself in. Hiking in the forests with opportunities to spot wildlife, botanical garden excursions and underwater sea walks just to name a few.  


Less crowds, sunny days and warm weather, Morocco has long been a great option for those still holding onto the summer season. Something I love about Morocco are the hotels. Take Marrakech for example, many hotels here are close to the city centre but should you be in the mood to spend your days relaxing by the pool and indulging in spa treatments then there are plenty of hotels that offer lavish experiences to the point where you don’t even really have to leave grounds. 

Mesmerising imperial cities, enough souks to shop until you drop, fabulous restaurants, vibrant markets and of course, The Sahara, Morocco offers something for everyone.


Alicia Lartey


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