5 ways to up your staycation game

8 July, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Holly Townsend (IALH Editor)
Image by @jo.rdan

If the pandemic and several lockdowns taught us anything, it’s to value what’s right on our doorstep. And while we can actually leave the country now, there’s still plenty of reasons why we might not want to or be able to. If you don’t have time to jet off somewhere exotic for two weeks, don’t fear, we got you. With a list of some great ways to up your staycation game this year and make sure your summer is still super fun and memorable!

With no queues at the airport, no baggage limit or questionable airplane food, these suggestions are totally location independent. So, no matter where you decide to kick back and take a few days off you can be certain you won’t be bored and have some of the best experiences and memories really close to home.

So now we’ve covered all the reasons why you should plan a staycation, let’s give you some suggestions to get you planning:

If you live in New York…

  • Book an Airbnb in the city you’ve always wanted to visit but never got round to actually going to. Exploring a city you’ve always wanted to go or features in your favourite show is a great way to make your break feel special even if you’re not that far from home. Different cities have their own unique culture, food specialities, shops and art and museums. Whatever you’re into, a city break is brimming with new experiences. Check if there are any food markets, festivals or shows happening during the dates you’re visiting to make it extra special.     

Our top 4 NY areas: Queens for the culture, vibrancy and diversity, the Upper Eastside for all the luxury, Greenwich Village for artsy and bohemian vibes and East Village for the nightlife and best rooftop terraces.

If you live in France…

  • Go winetasting – because well, what’s better than wine?! Also, lots of wineries are in stunning locations offering locally made produce. Wine tasting days usually offer a tour of the winery as well as a delicious lunch. What a divine way to spend a few hours on a sunny afternoon!

Our top 4 French winetasting destinations: Bordeaux, Provence, Champagne and Rhone Valley.

If you live in the UK…

  • Camp – in style! Glamping is a great way to have fun outdoors and keep it cute at the same time. Think back to nature, but with all your home comforts. It’s also relatively low cost so if you’re on a budget, this could be the one for you. Glamourous camping has become incredibly popular in recent years so there’s plenty of distinct glamping experiences to choose from.

Our top 4 UK glamping destinations: Lake District, Cornwall, New Forest and the Peak District.

If you live in Italy…

  • Have a spa day. There is nothing more relaxing than a day or two getting some much-needed TLC. Massages, beauty treatments and facials in beautiful surroundings can be the perfect way to unwind. There’s a wide range of spas everywhere from cities to rural locations.

Our top 4 Italian spa destinations: Florence, Tuscany, Venice and Lake Garda.

Or be a tourist in your hometown – getting to know your hometown or city is one of the easiest ways to save you the trouble of travel itineraries and transport logistics. See your city through fresh eyes and fill the gaps in your local history knowledge, book a fancy hotel so you’re away from home for a night or two and act like a tourist and visit an attraction you pass everyday but have never actually tried.

And if you have longer than a couple of days, why don’t you mix and match some of these. Go glamping first for a couple of nights and then round off the staycation with a spa day to rejuvenate before you head home.

However you decide to staycay, these simple but effective ideas will make your break even more luxurious and exciting.


IALH Editorial Team


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