7 must pack essentials for your next vacay

16 September, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Nancy Lova

Image by @leoniehanne

The trip you’ve been waiting for is fast approaching and all you can think about is “what outfits am I going to pack?”. At least that’s what I think. And whilst a hun absolutely needs to look good when abroad for all those sexy insta pics, you also need to feel good and this usually comes from the essentials we pack that we just can’t cope without or are the little lifesavers we never knew we needed. 

Frequently travelling has presented certain instances which taught me what and how to pack to ensure a smooth trip and comfort at all times. 

So in this article, I’ll suggest a few items that are a must to throw into your case before the bikinis and sunglasses!

Hair mask

You may not need much hair-care for a short trip but if you’re away for a week or two then hunny, you need to pack a serious hair mask. And if the destination you’re going to is hot enough to fry an egg on the street and you’ll be in the sea regularly, the usual go-to products may not suffice. 

I spent July in Seville where the temperature was an average 42 degrees and me being a mermaid in the sea, nothing was helping the bird nest my hair had become. That was until I came across Aussie’s SOS Repair Treatment Shot. This bad boy took my hair from straw to silk after just one use and for days later, regardless of the heat, my hair did not frizz and remained luxuriously smooth.

When wet, my hair has super-tight curls yet this treatment shot worked a treat. I understand this may not suit everyone’s textures but if it it worked on my tight curls then it is definitely worth a try and throwing the tiny but mighty tube into your luggage.

Bra pocket

I love a nice handbag but sometimes you want to be free from carrying anything, particularly in certain places and events like the beach and pool parties. Bra pockets or wallets are great items to have in order to carry the necessities like cash, cards and keys all whilst attached to your bra and keeping your hands free to hold a cocktail or two. They’re called bra pockets or wallets but can also go undercover with skirts or shorts.

Mini sewing kit

Don’t pretend like there wasn’t a time you were getting ready and wished you had a safety pin to just quickly nip a dress in place or you wore a blouse and it decided to be rude and embarrass you by popping a button. Well, a mini sewing kit can transform a wardrobe malfunction into a brand new outfit. So this heavily underrated item should be top of the list of things to pack.

100% natural oil

Not only does a change in weather affect the textures of our skin and hair but I am convinced that the water and air in different places has a part to play too. As a result, it can be hard to find the right products to adapt to especially whilst away. The moisturisers and creams we use at home suddenly aren’t suitable in another place so I find that playing it safe and having something completely natural is the best way to go. 

I personally love carrying a bottle of 100% Moroccan argan oil with me, it’s good for both hair and skin and light to use. Other oils such as Jojoba, coconut, shea, and olive are also great options, just have to find what’s right for you.

Laundry bags for dirty washing

I don’t know about you but I really dislike mixing dirty washing with clean clothes or brand new items I bought during my holiday. I love to keep everything separate. Whether they’re from Selfridges or Amazon, you can buy laundry bags from many places and they’re great help to keep your clothes tidy.

Wet wipes

Oh how I love a wet wipe. I love them for the face, to clean surfaces with, for the body, for clothes. Wet wipes are so handy but often forgotten about when packing or travelling. I have to admit, my favourite for hands, face and body when travelling are Huggies Pure, I know they’re baby wipes but they’re 99% water, gentle and fragrance-free and really are so good at cleansing on-the-go. For surfaces I need to clean to feel more comfortable like tray tables or arm rests, the Dettol Wipes are usually what I bring.

Travel jewellery case

The accessory Queens will appreciate this! The last thing anyone wants to be dealing with when getting ready is tangled chains and earrings. Travel jewellery cases are wonderful organisers to keep all your accessories nice and neat when on the go and how lovely is it to open up your case to see your jewellery all wonderfully organised? Aspinal of London, Stow and Ted Baker have a few wonderful options.  


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