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25 May, 2022 / words by user

Written by Nancy Lova

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There are plenty of reasons that motivate us to travel, it could be for festivals, shopping, nightlife or the thirst for knowledge but if you’re a foodie like me then it’ll probably be your tastebuds that’ll lead the way. Of all the times you’ll want to eat well, I mean really indulge and enjoy every dish, has to be when you’re abroad. No way is a babe travelling God knows how many miles to not eat good!

Whether at big-ticket restaurants or family-run eateries, I believe traditional dishes sum up the flavour of a place so I love trying local cuisine to get the overall vibe. Now, being the food-hoover that I am, I have tried some pretty amazing foods along my travels so for this article, I’ve selected a few of my favourite destinations purely based on where to eat great food. 

1. Cafe de Flore, 2. Le Relais de l’Entrecote, 3. Peninsula Paris

Paris – For sweet treats and Parisian dinners 

If you fancy a trip where everything tastes luxurious then Paris is your go-to. What I love about eating in Paris, is the presentation. Almost every dish looks like a work of art and don’t be fooled by any small portions and petite delights you may come across because from what I’ve personally seen, Parisians take great pride in using the finest ingredients and top quality produce, often resulting in rich foods and one becoming full quite easily. Plus, it’s not every time you must eat as if you’re about to go into hibernation, sometimes eat enough to still be on your way and take in the sites. 

Some places I love include, Café de Flore for breakfast, especially their eggs, croissants and espressos! The Peninsula for afternoon tea and dinner at Le Relais de LEntrecôte for the most delicious steak frites and red wine! If you fancy something sweet after dinner perhaps (because I always do) then head over to Ladureé for the ultimate macarons. 

1. Le Jardin Majorelle, 2. La Mamounia, 3. Sofia El Arabi

Morocco – For a feast for the tongue and the eyes!

I don’t know how many of you have watched Peter Pan but eating in Morocco always reminds me of the scene where the kids sit at the table covered with such a beautiful feast, there was very little table left to see! Morocco’s dishes are hearty and wholesome, the kind cooked from the soul. It’s a place for the Huns that aren’t afraid of flavour, trying new foods and possibly going into a food coma at the end of a meal. 

Whether you’re in Casablanca, Marrakech or Fez, Moroccan dishes cater to all tastebuds and requirements. You may prefer only veggie options, be a meat-lover or stick to strictly seafood, that’s all cool because Morocco has it all but one thing that remains consistent, is every dish is packed with flavour. 

Whatever you try here, it’s going to be marinated in the warmest spices, giving off sweet aromas and taking your senses on an adventure. 

I love the chicken pastilla, a scrumptious crispy chicken pie packed with a beautiful blend of saffron, almonds, cinnamon, sweet orange water, a spicy omelette stuffing and topped with powdered sugar. Such a dish takes sweet and savoury to a different level. That and a tagine, a mouthwatering aromatic stew-like dish that feels like a hug on a plate, slow-cooked in a cone-shaped earthenware pot, leaving you feeling happy and full. 

1. Six Senses Ibiza, 2. Mediterravie, 3. Bambuddha

Ibiza – now surely you don’t think Ibiza is just about the parties?

I adore Ibiza. Many know the island to be THE party destination but if given a week or two to explore all the island has to offer then you’ll see it has something for everyone including great restaurants. Bambuddha is one I recommend everyone to visit. I couldn’t snort the food in there any quicker, it was that good! 

Picture-perfect food with the taste to match, Bambuddah is a dreamy Mediterranean-Asian restaurant, offering the most delicious sharing plates. Get your sexiest heels on because you’ll want to get a few selfies in there too. 

Fancy chilled Ibiza vibes? Think summer evenings, quaint outdoor restaurants along pretty cobbled streets with pearly-white Spanish buildings and head to Carrer de la Santa Creu. Here you’ll find sweet locally run restaurants sat within a buzzing street ambience, all serving a range of Mediterranean and authentic Spanish foods. 

1. and 2. @Visiting.Lisbon, 3. Chef Agnedede

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Lisbon – the piri piri chicken is a must!

If you love Nando’s then babe, you’re going to love Lisbon. The famous restaurant is a Portuguese chain which took a simple, traditional chicken dish and turned it into a worldwide success so it’s only right to indulge in some piri piri chicken whilst in Lisbon.

There are so many dishes to try in Lisbon making it the perfect place for foodies. I recently visited and something else I loved was the seafood paella (which was probably some of the best I’ve ever had) and Pasteis de Natas. Whilst you may have bought the Portuguese custard tarts from a bakery or supermarket back home, I promise you, they are nowhere near as good as the real deal in Portugal. 

In Lisbon they are particularly iconic, these babies are everywhere, literally staring at you through shop windows. The light, flaky pastry and rich, smooth custard centre will have you enjoying a few of these on a daily basis. I had about four a day and I wasn’t even sorry. 

Try and end your meal with a beer. Now I’m not a beer drinker but Portuguese beer is particularly refreshing. Head over to Museu da Cerveja which is a beer museum, serving some great options to enjoy. 

1. Seven Hills Restaurant, 2. Roka Istanbul, 3. Soho House Istanbul

Istanbul – for picture-perfect dining 

I am guilty of being unable to start my food without taking a photo of it first. Istanbul is one of those cities that offers wonderful settings and breathtaking views to accompany your food pics.

Seven Hills Restaurant feeds your Instagram needs by providing a delicious spread of food and stunning views of Istanbul’s skyline and the Hagia Sophia in particular. 

Many of us have heard of Salt Bae and have seen him do his iconic salt sprinkle, well he’s got a restaurant in The Grand Bazaar. NusrEt Steakhouse Sandal Bedesteni is located within one of the world’s largest covered markets making it an incredible dining experience altogether. 

Whilst on the go, stop and try some of the fish sandwiches at the floating fish market boats by Galata Bridge, one of Istanbul’s significant bridges. Just a few steps away is also the famous Spice Bazaar, a massive colourful market where you will find mountains of spices and some of the sweetest baklava and Turkish delights you’ll ever try.

May all your food dreams come true!




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