The best places to live in if you’re considering becoming an expat

30 October, 2023 / words by Nancy Lova

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and relocate abroad! Yet, where to? There’s plenty of great options but a lot of influences to factor in before packing up and starting fresh in some place new. Wellbeing, finances, making friends and language barriers? The questions are endless but regardless, it’s a massive blessing and accomplishment to move abroad and in this article, whether it’s a specific city or an entire country you’d like to explore before settling, I hope to make your dreams, a reality with the best places to live in if you’re considering on becoming an expat.


Not only is Madrid gorgeous but I adore this place and Spain in general due to the balance between work and living. Wellbeing is important here therefore a more relaxed approach is applied to everyday life which means you won’t have to run yourself into the ground due to your job. Socialising and spending quality time with loved ones is valued in Madrid so whilst in some places, people are rushing to get back home to repeat the same cycle of sleep and work the next day, here you’ll see groups of all ages out for late night dinners, drinks and ice cream even at the start of the week.
Sunny climates are present majority of the year and to give you an idea of how much it costs to live, rent on average starts from about €500 for a studio to 1 bed apartment and if you’re looking in Central Madrid then you’ll be looking anywhere between €800 to €2500 for a similar set up.


Safe and friendly environments, a vast array of career opportunities, natural scenery and slower pace of life, there are numerous benefits of relocating to New Zealand and a popular choice here is the capital, Wellington.
The seaside city satisfies many with its high quality of life, better work-life balance and close proximity to nature all of which offers citizens a more peaceful way of living. Many people move to Wellington in search of stability and security and if this sounds like you then you may be calling Wellington ‘home’ soon.


I’ve just returned from Tokyo and I never thought I’d say this but it’s now in my top 3 places to live in. Whilst the city is often regarded as “living in 2050” due to technological advancements and way of life, it’s rich history and traditions have preserved a beautiful culture of kindness and respect which is displayed by pretty much everyone you meet.
Tokyo is visually impeccable, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place to be incredibly clean but also from the ancient temples and shrines to the high rise buildings, every view and corner is picture-perfect.
The people here know how to work hard (very hard) and play hard and if this sounds like you then you’ll fit right in. Tokyo has great social scenes and night life culture, so whilst many here may come across as shy and reserved, a lot of people are approachable and sweet making it a little easier to make friends than you perhaps think.


Ranked number 1 in the majority of this year’s surveys, Mexico is clearly the destination to consider and as a result of many thinking alike, Mexico is home to a huge expat community meaning it won’t take long for you to meet new people and feel at home. The country has an abundance of breathtaking beaches and vibrant cities which gives the feeling of living in paradise but something that’s particularly attractive is the cost of living. Generally it costs around 50% cheaper to live in Mexico than the US and UK. So instead of worrying about finances, you could spend your time enjoying life in Mexico City, Guadalajara or San Miguel de Allende and take in the wonderful culture.

United Arab Emirates

Who isn’t moving to the UAE? I’ve lost count of the amount of people I know who have relocated to the Emirates and with the possibility of earning some serious income, it’s no wonder the majority of people living here are in fact foreign nationals. Those motivated by money for big goals such as buying a home, creating an investment portfolio, supporting family or simply wanting more financial freedom, the UAE should be highly considered as many here are known to have doubled or even tripled their earnings.

Most attractive jobs include real estate, digital marketing, finance and technology but it’s not just the incredible career prospects that’s available but also the lifestyle. Glorious weather and lavish settings, the UAE truly offers an opportunity to reinvent yourself and have the lifestyle you desire.
Could Dubai or one of the other Emirates be on the cards for you?


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