Everything Mel packed for her trip to Ghana

10 January, 2022 / words by user

Written and Image by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

I take packing for vacations extremely seriously. I start from as early as two weeks before my departure, making sure that all of my packages have arrived, I’ve secured all of my essentials, and everything is good to go – especially when I know that I’ll be away for a while. I wanted to share all my faves from my recent trip to Ghana and why they should be yours too!

Now, Rimowa suitcases are probably the most impractical suitcases for a trip to Africa. You guys know first hand that I’ve become a designated mule for my family abroad, and their countless requests do add up. The suitcase itself is heavy enough (the medium one alone weighs nearly 12lbs) so it’s not the best to travel with if you’ve got lots to lug.”

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That being said, I doubt I’ll ever use anything else because it’s a lifestyle, Hun! Aesthetics matter just as much as practicality sweetie, and I’ll never leave these as home. Rimowa also offers and guarantee service which allows you to repair your suitcases for free in the event of them getting damaged which is great because the way airport staff dash suitcases around the likelihood of damage is high.”

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“I spent the majority of my holiday draped in Christopher Esber garments, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A lot of these pieces had to be ordered internationally since it’s an Australian brand (I don’t regret it at all and paying the import tax was absolutely worth it) which is fine by me as of recent, I rarely come across looks that grip me in the way these did.”

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This blurred striped shirt and skirt co-ord is possibly my favourite outfit from my travels, and created just enough ventilation to keep me stylishly cool. I feel like they’re pieces I’ll wear again and again and that’s what I’m about when it comes to investing in my wardrobe.”

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Travelling will never exempt me from being dedicated to my skincare routine so you know the heavy hitters were securely packed in tow. I made sure to grab all my faves from Augustinus Bader with the aim of slathering a mixture of them all over me before bed (yes, even after an eventful night with the big boys at the club).”


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I bought these Tom Ford sunglasses just before I took that necessary mental health break and traveled solo last year and they’re one of my favourite purchases. They’re light enough to see through and wear all day but tinted enough to protect you from the sun so you never have to take them off! In my opinion (one that I’m sure many will share) aviator-style sunglasses will never go out of style and even better – these are currently on sale!

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Tom Ford

I can’t say that in normal day-to-day life I’m the most organised person, but when preparing for a holiday? Baby, there’s nothing that I will miss. I create a list by thinking about every single product I use to get ready on a normal day. It starts with toothpaste and body wash and usually ends with edge control and hair bands. It’s the easiest and most fool-proof way to pack. Everything is usually contained in these clear cosmetic bags from Boots so I can look through and double-check and make sure I haven’t left anything out without opening the whole bag up.”

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Toiletry bag

This make-up brush holder is a MUST. It’s multifunctional, easy to clean, and all-around great buy. To ensure that I never leave without any of my important brushes, I use this as a holder to contain all my brushes when at home, and when I travel. I use the other end to close and clip it together and pack it into my suitcase. You can use both ends of the cups as brush holders too which is great!”

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I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Hermes Oran sandals because who doesn’t have them? They seemed a bit too generic for me, but after searching high and low for sandals in my size, I realised that there aren’t that many nice sandals on the market. That led me to settling for them, and of course, the shopaholic in me just had to have the 4 pairs that I have! I recommend sizing up in these and opting for the Epsom leather ones as they’re the most durable and less likely to stretch out.”

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Oran sandals

I’ve been using this Clarins SPF for a little while now. It says it’s not greasy which I think can be contested but – I like the shiny after effect that it leaves on the skin. I usually just use this to lotion my whole body because I don’t have time to be creaming my body twice. It’s a spray bottle applicator so it’s super easy and quick to use with no mess.”

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This Lady Tuberose perfume comes with me EVERYWHERE. It’s nearly always the base layer for every single scent combo I create as it’s so versatile and works with most floral, gourmand, and musk scents. Tuberose is one of many favourite notes as it’s such a mature yet approachable scent. You definitely need to go and smell this one.”

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Lady Tuberose

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