First bae-cation destinations; where to travel to on your first holiday with your partner

20 October, 2023 / words by Nancy Lova

So you’ve made it past the talking stages, things are official and you and bae are about to embark on your very first holiday together. Not only are you going to make wonderful new memories but a getaway is also the perfect opportunity to truly enjoy one another, strengthen your bond and really get to know each other. Travelling with your partner isn’t just a luxury but I believe, is a necessity and picking the right place is the start to an unforgettable vacation. Here I’ll suggest several destinations for your first bae-cation.


Oh Botswana is so romantic and a great choice for lovers looking for something different as their first bae-cation. Walk with elephants, take Mokoro trips amongst sweet scented water lilies and enjoy sunset dinners in the bush, Botswana offers a memorable experience like no other. The country boasts outstanding wildlife and is known for some of the best Safaris in Africa. Here you’ll see The Big Five, lion, leopard, the rare rhino, elephant and buffalo. Now that’s something to tick off your bucket list and with your partner too!
So whilst a weekend away somewhere in Europe is often the popular choice for new couples, Botswana could perhaps be a better option.


Crank up the romance with an ultimate trip to Greece. You’re a beach-babe but your partner may be an admirer of landmarks and sightseeing but Greece is where opposites attract and all needs are met. Start off with a few days in Athens where the city is one big open-air museum and beauty can be found on every turn. Have your breath taken away as you visit incredible historical sites such as the Acropolis of Athens and The Ancient Agora and when you’ve finished learning about the birthplace of Western Civilisation, enjoy some island hopping in Santorini and Mykonos. Both are stunning, Santorini for its jaw-dropping views of the Aegean Sea and Mykonos for its sandy beaches and exciting nightlife.


India remains to be one of my favourite trips. Wholesome atmospheres, vibrant street scenes, mouthwatering foods and the sweetest locals, India is for the couples who are adventurers at heart and want to get more out of a vacation. Every city and region is different to the next so why visit one place when you can visit several? The Golden Triangle made up Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is perfect for first timers and those looking to spend a lengthy amount of time together. Along this journey, you’ll both get to immerse yourselves in bustling bazaars, fun tuk-tuk rides and architectural marvels like you’ve never seen before.


This may just be the new city of love. Famous for its imperial palaces, Shinto Shrines and manicured gardens, Kyoto is a couple’s paradise. The city even has a scenic railway called The Sagano Romantic Train, an entire sightseeing tram where passengers can fall in love with dramatic landscapes and natural wonders. There’s so much to enjoy in Kyoto such as walking through The Philopsopher’s Path, an enchanting route best in the spring due to its cherry blossom lined route and sweet cafes dotted throughout. Or testing your love at Jishu Shrine where if a stone ritual is completed successfully then legends says your love will last forever.


Well of course Venice is on the list! It would be rude not to consider one of the most romantic places in the world. Venice isn’t just a pretty city but a destination where romance is on a high. Captivating architecture, grand palaces and magical views, spending time here in the floating city is to create your own fairytale. Imagine snuggling your love on a gondola as you travel through the ancient waters, enjoying gelato during afternoon strolls and pause for a moment by the Grand Canal to watch the sun begin to set. Celebrities, A-listers, lovers of art and history, Venice has long been a magnet to many but creates unique memories for everyone who visits.


Nancy Lova


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