Hotels to stay at that will fulfill your main character energy dreams

1 November, 2021 / words by user

Written by Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Image by @Jo.rdan

I’m not sure about you but I wasn’t born to suffer. In fact, suffering is so far from my identity now, that my body shakes at the thought if it. It’s not part of God’s will for me – that’s something we’ve both agreed and now, this sentiment  is reflected in everything that I do including where I vacation. You see, I want every vacation I take to be a reflection of my true self and not who I am in reality (because sis is kinda dusty sometimes and ion like that). I want my travels to reflect the requirements and standards of the bougie babe inside of me who thinks the world revolves around her. I’m always willing to pay that extra bit more to be looked after staff in a way that feels personal and tailored to my preferences. Because of this, I’ve experienced and researched so many different hotels and resorts and now, I’m here to spread the good word to you.


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Hôtel Du Cap-Eden-Roc

With a glistening view of the Azure sea even your eyes won’t believe, this hotel is a favourite amongst the rich and famous. This spectacular French resort boasts over 100 rooms with staff willing to deliver your every request. It’s the true epitome of luxury in every sense of the word. 

With a full-service concierge, valet parking and a champagne lounge, there’s no way you won’t feel like it’s your world and the rest of us are basic extras in your story.

TIP: Don’t forget to take a picture on the ladder over the sea so people really know that you’re about that main character energy life.

Images @Melissaswardrobe

Lerai Safari Camp

Forget the giraffe manor, the Lerai Safari camp will leave you in absolute awe. Situated in the heart of the Kenyan Masaai Mara, this intimate camp is every bit luxurious. Think of it as camping but with a 5* twist.

The staff know what you want even before you ask for it and they’re passionate about accommodating every single one of their guest’s needs. Their onsite restaurant is a memorable culinary experience to say the least and will leave you wanting more (which they are happy to provide).

Game drives are included in the accommodation and they implore you to experience the Mara as many times as you’d like. 

Images @MelissasWardrobe

Shangri-La Hotel The Shard

Being situated in one of the tallest, most opulent buildings in Europe it’s fair to expect that its level of grandeur cannot only be limited to the exterior of the building. The good thing is that it’s not. The Shangri-la is bougie in every sense of the notion. With it’s floor to ceiling windows, Al La Carte restaurants and executive suites that look like they came out of a bond film, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Every single room features an incredible view of the London skyline which only gets more sophisticated come sunset. The mini bar is stocked with an array of champagnes that are stupidly hard to pronounce and the room service is a dream.

This is definitely the one to stay at for a boujee night in London.





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