How to travel business class without the price tag

11 August, 2022 / words by IALH Editorial Team

Written by Nancy Lova

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Whether it’s on a regular basis or a one off treat, travelling business class is always a nice touch to going abroad and let’s admit, it’s very much a lifestyle too. A hun doesn’t always want to pay the high prices though and often it’s the price that stops us from living the life we desire. So I’m going to give you a few tips on how to travel business without the business rates…

Get yourself a branded credit card

There are a number of credit card companies out there that have a partnership directly with airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, enabling you to collect points every time you spend. This is one of the easiest ways to get yourself a business class ticket simply by living your life and is also more guaranteed as you know that once you’ve spent a certain amount, you’re sure to have enough points to buy a business class ticket.

I mean, think about the coffee you buy on your way to work, your lunch, evening drinks with the girls, the weekly food shop or purchases that cost a pretty penny, it all adds up and before you know it, you’ve got enough to fly business, babe. It’s my favourite way to upgrade and should be yours too!

Less popular travel times equals upgrade opportunities

We’ve all been there where we’ve travelled during some ungodly hour. You’re too sleepy to know what’s going on or who you are but you just know you have a flight to catch. Well, that hour is the best time to ask for a potential upgrade.

Super early morning or late night flights are not the sexiest times to travel as it can be an inconvenience but because many think the same, there are a few business class seats left empty and this is when you slide in and ask for an upgrade. The last minute upgrade could come at a cheaper rate too. So try and remember that next time you’re waddling and yawning through the airport at 3am.

Pricing mistakes are your best friends

This requires a little work and for you to be hot on the internet but from time to time there are pricing mistakes that airlines make where business class flights are far less than expected.

If there’s a specific destination that you want to fly to and would love to travel business class, then if you search regularly, you could get lucky and find a mistake in prices (remember to clear your history and caches and cookies). Now we can’t be glued to our screens scrolling and wishing to find a mistake so there’s actually websites out there that are specifically dedicated to looking for great deals as well as pricing mistakes. Jack’s Flight Club is an example of this!

Sign up to Frequent Flyer Programmes

There are frequent flyer programmes and loyalty schemes whereby you can collect air miles every time you fly with their airlines. Qatar Airlines, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines and Virgin Atlantic are examples. You may not be able to buy a business class flight just yet but if you’re a regular flyer especially with one of the mentioned airlines, then you’ll have enough air miles soon to treat yourself to that flight. Just sign up!

Download airline apps and watch out for sales

Oh hun, I’m signed up to all the airlines and have downloaded all their apps! I do this because there have been plenty of times when I’ve been notified on sales and last minutes deals on flights which are available for only 24 hours. Customers signed up to apps and marketing with airlines, are often the first to have exclusive access to sales and deals that may or may not show up on their website.

Travel alone

First of all, travelling solo is the best, it’s the escapism we all need at some point and booking a business flight and jetting-off to some place new, is the treat we all should gift ourselves, even at least once. It is also far easier to get a cheeky upgrade at a lower rate for one person than yourself and a whole entourage, as nice as it would be to have you and all the girls upgraded!

Just ask!

Lastly, be cute and just ask. Whether at the airport or even as you board the flight, simply asking an attendant politely if there’s anyway they could check if an upgrade is possible, could actually get you the result you’re looking for. There may be a fee to pay, small or at regular price or none whatsoever (under their discretion) but it’s worth trying as after all, as they say, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.

We can’t be spending this life without seeing what’s on the other side of the business class curtain at least once, therefore I hope that with the techniques I mentioned above, you’ll be flying business real soon and turning left when boarding.


IALH Editorial Team


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